Volunteer Impact Pricing

Standard & Enterprise Editions

Pricing below includes all of the following:

Unlimited administrators

Migration consultation

24 x 5 plus weekend chat and email support

24 x 5 telephone support

Searchable knowledgebase with videos

Volunteer time clock

Ongoing software updates

Smart phone access for volunteers

Option integration with Verified Volunteers

Outbound volunteer profile REST API

All prices are in US dollars.
For pricing in your local currency please visit one of our regional sites.

Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom


Initial Licensing Fee (a one-time charge)

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Volunteer Impact $395 $4000
Accounts* under the Enterprise n/a $295**

* Individual locations, branches, departments etc. ** or less based on quantity

Annual Fees (Standard or Enterprise*)

# of Non-Archived VolunteersAnnual Subscription
Up to 50 volunteers$125
Up to 100 volunteers$215
Up to 150 volunteers$300
Up to 200 volunteers$355
Up to 250 volunteers$425
Up to 300 volunteers$495
Up to 400 volunteers$585
Up to 500 volunteers$680
Up to 600 volunteers$745
Up to 750 volunteers$835
Up to 1,000 volunteers$985
Up to 1,250 volunteers$1,210
Up to 1,500 volunteers$1,405
Up to 2,000 volunteers$1,830
Up to 2,500 volunteers$2,115
Up to 3,000 volunteers$2,355
Up to 4,000 volunteers$2,735
Up to 5,000 volunteers$3,135
Up to 6,000 volunteers$3,500
Up to 7,000 volunteers$3,785
Up to 8,000 volunteers$3,980
Up to 9,000 volunteers$4,185
Up to 10,000 volunteers$4,325
Over 10,000 volunteersAsk Us

*Minimum annual subscription for Enterprise accounts is $660

Standard vs. Enterprise

Standard Edition  

The Standard Edition is recommended for most organizations that have just one location and where administrators with access to volunteer profiles should be able to see all volunteer profiles.

The Enterprise Edition is for organizations that want some separation between groups of volunteers such as at different locations or branches.


Enterprise Edition  

Enterprise without Regions

Enterprise with Regions

A video on this page explains the extra functionality found in the Enterprise Edition.



Additional and Optional Services

Help getting started, data migration, training … we’ve got you covered!

Getting Started

You can easily add the custom fields and qualifications to meet your unique data collection needs. If for any reason, you’d like us to take care of it, we’re happy to help.

System Configuration Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Setting up initial Custom Fields, Qualifications and Branding $250 Included
Data Migration
Importing Contact details $100 Included
Additional Importing – Custom fields (interests, traits, qualifications etc.) $20 / field $20 / field
Hours logs – we will need to see the data to provide you with a quote Various Various


We recognize that different people and different organizations have different training needs. Many of our clients are self-taught by diving in and accessing our help files as needed, while others take advantage of personal training services. You decide what is best for you and one way or another, we’ll be there to support you.

Volunteer Impact Standard Edition Training
Option 1 – Four forty-five minute personal web meetings $375
Option 2 – Two half day hands-on sessions, at your location
(Recommended when you will have multiple administrators you would like trained)
+ travel
Custom training services – When the other options don’t quite fit, we are happy to tailor a custom training program to fit your needs Call us
Volunteer Impact Enterprise Edition Training
Enterprise Administrator Training
Option 1 – One hour web meeting for top level administrators
(Recommended if you have a pretty good handle on how your processes can be mapped out in a web based system)
Option 2 – Half day session at your location
(Recommended when the installation of the new software will lead to the adoption of new processes)
+ travel
Account Administrator Training
Option 1 – Two half day hands-on sessions at your location
(Recommended if you can bring administrators together to one central location)
+ travel
Option 2 – Three 1 hour group webinars where all administrators participate in all three sessions
(Useful if bringing administrators together is impracticable and each location has similar processes)
Option 3 – Two forty-five minute webinars, where administrators from only one location participate at a time
(Useful if bringing administrators together is impracticable and locations have unique needs)
 $200 / per location
Custom training videos – Ten short custom videos, captured within your configured accounts, covering the ten tasks account administrators will most commonly need to do.
(Highly recommended for options 2 and 3)
Custom training services – When the other options don’t quite fit, we are happy to tailor a custom training program to fit your needs  Call us

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Client Impact – For organizations where volunteers engage with organization clients

Member Impact – A simple membership CRM and communications tool

Donor Impact – Available as a beta pre-release version for those with basic requirements


What if I go over the number of volunteers listed on my invoice?

You can continue to add volunteers and use the software as usual. The next time we invoice it will be on the then accurate number.

What payment methods do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check or purchase order.

Once my organization purchases, how long will it take to set it up?
It is reasonable for you to have your database ready to launch within 30-days or less with the Standard Edition and your Enterprise Edition database within 60 days or less, depending on whether or not you have data we need to import and how many different volunteer positions you have. And, we’re here to help!

Is my organization billed monthly or annually?

Your organization will be billed once each year to renew your software subscription.

How will I know what my organization will be billed each year?
Approximately 45 days before your anniversary date an invoice is generated based on the number of volunteers in your database whose status is Accepted or Inactive (On leave). Volunteers listed as Applicant, In Process or Archived do not factor into the amount you get billed. Your anniversary date will be the first day of the month after your purchase.

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