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Volunteer Impact can reduce your administrative workload and increase your volunteer engagement!

Volunteer Impact can reduce your administrative workload and increase volunteer engagement at your zoo or aquarium.

Streamline your intake processes

From application to interview to inductions and scheduling, Volunteer Impact can help you get more done in less time.

Track volunteer training and qualifications

Our custom fields are amazingly flexible and you can search and report and on any one (or more) of them.

Reduce the time required to generate reports

Volunteers can punch-in using a time-clock interface and hours and volunteer numbers feed directly into reports.

Easily handle a wide range of roles

Schedule any sort of role, administration, guest services, animal care assistance, facility maintenance etc.

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“The Volunteer Impact system has made an outstanding impact on our ability to organize our volunteers, share information with them, and produce accurate and useful reports.  The time it has saved my team has allowed us to focus even more energy on meeting the needs of both the Houston Zoo and our valued volunteers.”
Houston Zoo
"Better Impact lets us easily create reports that demonstrate the volunteer’s contribution to helping us meet our goal of being the world’s leading zoo based conservation organisation."
Melbourne Zoo

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