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Sep. 18, 2018

Kellie Holland

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Better Impact has changed my life

Better Impact has changed my life! It has saved me so much time and effort and continues to do so with each update. It is so easy and intuitive to use. Most impressive is the fantastic support given by the BI team. Their response to any query is quick, friendly and easy to understand. Their User Group meetings which offer opportunities to kept up-to-date with changes, hear from other volunteer professionals about their experiences with Better Impact and to receive feedback from us who use the system are invaluable. Thanks Andy and the BI team.

Sep. 12, 2018

Hayleigh Jutson

Oxford University Gardens, libraries and museums

Better Impact is Brilliant
Better Impact is a brilliant system and never ceases to amaze me in what it can do. The support team on the chat box are always friendly, attentive and quick to respond. Keep up the good work Better Impact Team!

Aug. 17, 2018

Laura Griffin

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee services

Better Impact has excellent customer support
Better Impact has been amazing to work with for our Volunteer Impact enterprise account at LIRS. Special thanks to Rob Bonesteel for being our POC for the last 2-3 years. He is supportive, helpful and so much fun to talk with. He runs training for us and has spent a lot of one on one time with me over the years, giving advice and help to design our implementation. I’m frankly surprised that Better Impact is able to provide this level of individualized customer support. It’s amazing. The rest of the team is also great. As for the Volunteer Impact itself, I would say the only downside is that it can take some work to fully learn the system, but for us, it’s totally been worth it since the complexity is what allows it to be so very customizable.

Jul. 27, 2018

Josh Binns

Ronald McDonald House Westmead

Has made managing our volunteers so…
Has made managing our volunteers so much easier


July. 17, 2018

Adam Janes

Christie Lake Kids

Better Impact Excellence in Volunteer Management Software
Great Organization and Product. Always helpful and extensive customization and decent UX.

Jul. 2, 2018

Bonnie Cook

SafeNest BC

Better Impact is a great and easy to…
Better Impact is a great and easy to use volunteer database. Customer support for this product is excellent. It has one of the best response times I have ever encountered. Thank you Better Impact for making my job as a Volunteer Services Director easier.

Jun. 22, 2018

Danielle King

Motion Picture Relief Fund

I can’t say enough positive things…
I can’t say enough positive things about Better Impact and especially the customer service staff. I recommend this software to ANYONE who manages volunteers for the reasons listed below. I do come across some limitations for my organization’s specific needs but the great experience working with the staff and software far exceeds the limitations experienced.

1. The system is very user-friendly and mostly intuitive.

2. My main reason for the 5 star rating is the staff. They are simply WONDERFUL! Anytime I need help, I get prompt responses online and it’s super easy to request a phone meeting. I once had a report that had to be done ASAP and Andrew stayed on the phone with me until we figured out the right way to run the report AND save time in the future by saving the search query.

3. Better Impact is always improving the user experience! Although, I do wish they would introduce the search option I recommended in the product feedback that would allow us to search for ALL people who meet a certain criteria, and of that population, NOT people who meet another set of criteria. Other than that, the software is fantastic for our organizational needs.

I even emailed my former employer (in a different state) to let them know they should be using Better Impact!

Jun. 17, 2018

Lynda McArdle

State Library Victoria

Volunteer Management made easy
Having used other databases to manage volunteers previously, Better Impact is a dream. It is extremely user friendly and continuous improvement is practiced via the product improvement suggestion site. Support is fantastic with a comprehensive and easy to search help database, 24/7 online support, better impact buddies and user group meetings. Would highly recommend!

Jun. 12, 2018

Karen C

Been working within this software for 4…
Been working within this software for 4 years, find it easy to use and a life saver. If I do need help I get support quickly and my issues resolved.

Apr. 23, 2018

Sean Devereaux

Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Every step of the way
Every step of the way, this company exceeds my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with their level of service, unencumbered accommodations, and insistence for excellence.

Apr. 23, 2018

Leah Phillips

Friends of Rowlett Animals

I have been volunteering with FRA for…
I have been volunteering with FRA for almost 2 years now and I love it! I have enjoyed my time working with the ACO’s at the Rowlett Animal Shelter and the volunteers! I have witnessed a group who is truly concerned with the animals and we all work together to make their lives better!

Apr. 22, 2018


Absolutely Awesome
We’ve been using Better Impact for a few years now and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to all of my colleagues in the field. Our volunteers and staff love the flexibility and organization it provides, and it’s easy to work with for even the less technologically inclined (and has an easy-to-use for administrators in case you have volunteers who can’t use the computer themselves). Better Impact leaves us so much more time to deal with the human element, knowing that our data and scheduling is taken care of.

Apr. 20, 2018

Chuck Strohm

West Suburban Community Pantry

My first experience with dynamic dates…
My first experience with dynamic dates today. A really great addition. Very helpful.

Apr. 13, 2018

Owen Cooper

White Pony Express

Wonderful to work with
Wonderful to work with. Extremely responsive from the CEO, to the Sales Rep, to the Developer. They are constantly improving their product. I would give 5 stars except for the fact that the reporting capability of the product isn’t well developed.