Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.39

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Review eLearning Modules

  • If an administrator has made an eLearning Module visible on myImpactPage.com and the My Impact app Training pages, there is now the option to enable volunteers to review the training module they have taken, without changing their completion status.
  • A new column in the volunteer view will show the eLearning Modules that the user has passed along with the option for the volunteer to review it.  Mobile users can also review eLearning Modules that have this option enabled.

File Size Changes

  • File size limits have been increased for some types of files along with improved error handling if files are too large to be used.
    • Individual email attachments can now be up to 10 megabytes provided that the total size of all attachments does not exceed 10 megabytes for emails and email templates,
    • Each file in the Document Library can now be up to a maximum of 10 megabytes, and
    • Files uploaded to the File Manager within the Rich Text Editor can now be up to 10 megabytes.
  • There is no change in allowable sizes for:
    • Custom field files in a profile,
    • User photo images,
    • Banner images,
    • Badge images, and
    • Pasted images in the Rich Text Editor.

Document Library Quota

  • The default Document Library quota has been increased from 50 megabytes to 200 megabytes.  This means four times the amount of space for your files.

Generate Link to Mobile Application Form

  • Administrators can now generate a link for the Mobile Application Form via the “Links for Website” configuration option.

Mobile Timeclock Enhancements

  • The mobile timeclock list behaviour has also been updated.  Initially, the list will only contain the activities to which the volunteer is assigned, and there will be a “Show All” button and a message at the top to indicate that more activities are available for which to start a timeclock.  This change was made so that the functionality of the mobile timeclock matches that of the non-mobile timeclock.

Client Module Enhancements: Encounters

  • The Client Encounters tab has been enhanced to show or hide inline details of an individual encounter or all encounters.  The setting you choose will be remembered for the next time you return to this page.