Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.38

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Volunteer Badges for Qualifications

  • Badges are a symbol of achievement or proficiency for your volunteers. This free and inclusive motivational program enables organizations to award volunteers that attain specific levels in various qualifications at the organization (and enterprise) level with a badge recognizing their efforts.
  • Volunteers will see their achievements on their home page and by going to MY PROFILE >> Badges when they are logged on to myimpactpage.com and the My Impact app.

Volunteer Recruitment and COVID-19

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to introduce two new ways of recruiting volunteers:
    • New search parameters for prospective volunteers to find your organization. This can be set up by going to Configuration >> Organization Settings >> COVID-19 Response.
    • A set of General Interest templates that you can copy and paste into your account.

Volunteer Impact Message Color

  • Instead of seeing administrative messages with a light orange background color, those messages have been changed to a light green background to avoid confusion with error messages that are shown with a light red background.