Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.37

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More Ways to Offer You Support

  • We are now using Upscope to assist in support chats.  Here’s what Upscope enables us to do:
    • From a live chat or while talking on the phone, we can request to see your screen, with nothing to download or install on your end.
    • Remotely guide and talk with you as if we were sitting right there with you, taking control of the mouse when needed.

Copy Current Activity Shifts

  • When copying an activity, you can specify whether to copy only the current shifts (i.e. not past shifts) or all shifts.

Spaces in Usernames

  • When creating new profiles, the username cannot contain a space at the start or the end. Also, there cannot be two or more spaces in a row within the username.

[ALT] Key in Timeclock Keyboard

  • The keyboard for the Timeclock now has an [ALT] key to support typing international and accented characters.

View User Has Communications Tab

  • At the organization level, the View User window now has a Communications tab to show a read only view of the 10 most recent emails, 10 most recent text messages (if enabled), and the 10 most recent note log entries.
  • The total number of entries is not shown.

Page Layout Improvements for Assign From Calendar

  • At the organization level, the layout of these sections in the “Assign From Calendar” page has been improved:
    • Filters layout options have been changed to side by side
    • Legend options have been changed to wide (side by side) instead of tall
  • These layout changes have also been applied at the enterprise level (if available) to the “Accounts: Schedule Status” page.

Sterling Volunteers Enhancements

  • Using Sterling Volunteers (USA), you can now set a background check manually.
  • Through the search criteria, you can identify volunteers with a manually-created background check.
  • Improved warning messages when a Sterling Volunteers background check is deleted.