Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.36

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Saved Raw Data Reports

  • All raw data reports at the organization and enterprise level can now be saved by an administrator for use when they are logged on to their administrative profile. When a report is saved, the saved column selections and report format options are retained for future downloads.

My Document Library

  • The new “My Document Library” page enables administrators who do not have access to the Document Library under the Configuration menu to have read-only access to files that they should be able to see. In one interface, they will see documents from the organization and enterprise (if applicable) that are associated with the administrator module and all documents that are associated with a module to which the current administrator has administrative access.
  • Limited Administrator Role options have been updated to reflect this new feature.

Search by Email History and Volunteer Notes

  • Administrators at the organization or enterprise level can now search for people by email history.
  • They can also search for volunteers in an organization by the notes field in the Miscellaneous section of the profile.

QR Code in Reports

Charting Enhancements

New Zealand Members

  • For our members in New Zealand, there is now support for New Zealand as a system region (for date and time display).