Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.35

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eLearning Modules

Raw Data Reports

  • Group data by columns and perform functions such as sum, count, average, etc. directly while viewing the raw data.
  • Produce dynamic charts of information from your raw data reports.
  • Note Log Entries raw data report now has a Module filter.
  • New filter for “Activity Status” in Schedule/Signup raw data reports.
  • Activity status and shift duration columns in Schedule/Signup raw data reports.
  • Active and Inactive activities can be included in the Schedule Detail, Schedule Summary, and Schedule Signup raw data reports.

Administrative Notifications

  • New administrative notification when volunteers complete an eLearning Module.
  • New administrative notification when volunteers start or stop a timeclock.
  • “Change in activity availability” notification emails now also show what shifts the volunteer added to or removed from their availability.

Managing Activities

Application Form Title

  • Volunteer application forms can be given a custom title that will display when a volunteer is applying.

Email / SMS History

  • Emails that are automatically sent when a person applies (i.e. filled in a Volunteer, Donor, Member, or Client application) or makes a donation are now recorded as part of the person’s email history.
  • New filter for “Sender Name” in the agency level Email and SMS history pages.

Contact Assigned Volunteers From the Scheduled List

Administrative Contact Title

Miscellaneous Tab Reorganized

  • The Module sections of a profile are now organized in tabs to reduce scrolling through the Miscellaneous section of a profile and improve performance.

Group Profiles

  • Administrators can easily undo making a profile a “Group”. There are some instances where this is not possible (e.g. if a profile is a group in another organization).

Public Page General Interests Display

Search by Number of Hours Entries Logged

Privacy Reminder for Note Log and Notes

  • A notice when logging a Note Log entry or editing the Notes field in the Miscellaneous tab will remind the administrator that these fields are never visible to the user profile they are logged for.

Mobile Hours Logging

  • Mobile and app users now have the option to “Save and log another” when logging their hours.

Administrator Badges

  • Administrators will now see badges displayed on their home page indicating:
    • Ambassador: spoke about Better Impact solutions at a conference or “talked up” the software
    • Buddies: is a Better Impact Buddy
    • eLearning Contributor: has contributed (i.e. successfully submitted) an eLearning Module to the library
    • Multiple Modules: organization uses more than two modules (e.g. Administrator, Volunteer, plus at least one other module such as Client, Donor, or Member)
    • PLUS Account: organization is a PLUS account
    • Reviewer: has left us a review
    • Administrator (X Years): person has been a Better Impact administrator for a number of years
    • Agency (X Years): organization has been a Better Impact member for a number of years

PLUS Features