Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.33

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View Raw Data Reports

  • Exports (Reports >> Raw Data Reports) have been renamed “Raw Data Reports”.
  • All raw data reports now have the ability to be viewed (in addition to exporting them).  This will enable you to :
    • View the data on screen
    • Format the widths of the columns
    • Filter columns for specific values
    • Sort in ascending or descending order
    • Rearrange columns
    • Analyze numeric data on-screen.

Rotate User Photos

  • Administrators can rotate (clockwise, counterclockwise) a user’s photo from within the Contact section (Main tab) of a profile.
  • Volunteers can also do this in the Contact Info section (MY PROFILE) of their profile.

Title Field for Administrative Contact Person

  • Administrators that have the “Contact Person” box checked in their profile can also enter their title.  This will be shown below their first/last name and beside the organization name in the volunteer’s CONTACT tab making it easier to identify the volunteer’s point of contact for the organization.

Contact Person Indicator in Manage Administrators Page

  • The Manage Administrators page now shows an indicator as to whether or not the administrator is a Contact Person for the organization. You can also sort on this column.

Branding for Red/Green Timeclock Buttons

  • Branding settings can now be applied to the Red (e.g. “Stop Clock”) and Green (e.g. “Start Clock”, “Continue”) buttons in the Timeclock.

Optionally Include Recipient List in Your Copy of an Email

  • Administrators have the option to “include recipient list in my copy” (i.e. a list of recipients of a communication) or not when they select to have a copy of the communication sent to them.

Status Filter for Feedback Fields / Client Reporting Fields

  • Status filters enable administrators to filter the list of Feedback Fields and Client Reporting Fields (Client Module is required) in their organization or enterprise.  The options are Don’t Filter, Active, Inactive.

Member Statuses Page

  • At the enterprise level, the Member Statuses Page (Member Module required) displays the number of members in each status within the organizations in your enterprise.