Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.32

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Opportunities Calendar for Volunteers

  • Volunteers can see a list of scheduled opportunities presented in either calendar format or in a list.
  • Volunteers can select either all activity categories or filter for a specific category. The calendar will show all related opportunities for each day of the month.  If desired, the information can be viewed as a full month, week, or specific day.

Branding for Opportunity Calendar

  • As an administrator, you can choose to apply specific branding to individual categories. If you choose not to do this, colours will be assigned automatically based on their name and ID.
  • These branding options are only available at the organization level.

MyVolunteerPage is Now MyImpactPage

  • The portal formerly known as “MyVolunteerPage” is now known as “MyImpactPage”.  You can log on at myimpactpage.com, but myvolunteerpage.com, will still work.
  • This enables the portal to be more generic, as it is used by Volunteers, Clients, Donors, and Members.

Mobile App For Volunteers

  • An app is now available to non-administrative users (i.e. volunteers, clients, donors, members) on Apple and Android devices.
  • Look for it in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in April 2019.

Custom Field Category Description

  • A “What’s this?” button has been added when editing a profile so that administrators can see the custom field’s category description.

Renamed Options and Menu Items

  • The field, “Your Current Volunteer Message”, has been renamed “Current Volunteer News”.  In the case of the other Modules available, this field will be “Client”, “Donor” or “Member” news.  The “Custom Home Page Text” has been renamed “Public Page Volunteer Message” or “Public Page Donor Message”, depending on the Module available.
  • If you are an enterprise administrator, the Account menu options will now be “News for (the MODULE name)” instead of “Message to (the MODULE name)”.  For example, “Message to Volunteers” will now be “News for Volunteers”.
  • The “Import File Exchange”, used when you are preparing profile data for us to import, has been renamed to the “Setup File Exchange” to reflect the fact that it can also be used to send us other information related to the setup of your account.  Contact a member of our sales team to arrange for any of these services.

Interactive Sample Form Navigation

  • When previewing the interactive sample form, the “Back to Initial Page” button no longer displays when viewing the first page.  It will only show on the second page and beyond.

Improvements to Instagram Widget

  • Enhancements to the Instagram widget will enable improved detection of invalid settings.  A message will display on the administrative home page if something is wrong.

Rich Text Editor Updated

Limited Administrator Settings Descriptions