Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.31

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Instagram Social Media Widget

  • In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and LinkedIn, Instagram is now available as a social media feed option to display for your organization or enterprise.

Application Form Enhancements

  • In the Application Complete Settings section, you can now use the Insert menu in the Rich Text editor to insert links to the Home page, Opportunities tab, and Logout option. This will enable you to customize the options available to an applicant if there are or aren’t any activities for them to sign up for after completing the application.
  • In the Application Form Settings page, the names of the application form tabs have been renamed. The tabs for “Application Form 1”, “Application Form 2”, and “Application Form 3” are now displayed as “Volunteer 1”, “Volunteer 2”, and “Volunteer 3”.

New Branding Options

  • The text color, font face / weight, and appearance (uppercase, lowercase, capitalize) of a sub header (within the content of a section) can be branded. This can be seen in the various sub headings in the Contact Information section of a user’s profile.

Group Name Search / Visibility

  • When using the Contact Information search criteria, you can now search by Group Name. By entering a few characters of the Group Name, the search will look for groups containing that string of text anywhere within the name of the group.
  • If the profile is a group, the Group Name will now be displayed in the Dashboard (organization level) and in the dialog / page heading (organization and enterprise level).

Displays On Options

  • Instead of the letter “M”, the letter “P” now indicates that Custom Fields and Qualifications are displayed on MyVolunteerPage.com.

Indicator if Form is Disabled

  • On the Links for Website page, an indicator beside the option will be displayed if the form has been disabled.

Unlocking Volunteer Access

  • If a volunteer has reached the maximum number of login attempts due to an incorrect username or password, their access is locked for a period of time.  Now, an administrator can access the volunteer’s profile and change the password, thereby unlocking access for the volunteer.

Buttons to Save a New Profile

  • When adding a new profile, the button at the end has been renamed “Save” instead of “Add a Volunteer”, “Add an Admin”, and so on.

Viewing Organization Memberships

  • When an enterprise administrator is viewing a person’s profile at the enterprise level, they’ll now be able to see the organizations to which that person belongs.  Previously, this could only be seen if editing the profile.

New Features and Enhancements in Other Modules