Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.30

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Auto Log Hours

  • In addition to logging hours manually and via the timeclocks, you can now have hours logged automatically for your scheduled activities.  Along with that, a filter for logged hours enables you to find hours that were logged manually, logged automatically, via the timeclock, or unknown (i.e. imported).

Allow Volunteers to Add Themselves to the Backup List

Show Volunteer Message on Timeclock

  • A new setting enables you to show the “Message to Volunteers” when they are on the timeclock or express timeclock.  This option is set by checking a box when editing the message and it applies to both versions of the timeclock.

Filter Hours

  • When approving or editing hours, there is now an option to filter the hours by uncategorized activities.

Easier to Find the Activity to Log Hours

  • It is now easier to find the activity you’d like to log hours for when in a volunteer’s profile.  Instead of separate buttons below the activity drop list to view Recent, Active, and Inactive activities, there is now a set of tabs above the list and a clear message to indicate which set of activities you are viewing.

Prevent Volunteers From Logging Hours in the Future

Easier for Volunteers to Log Hours

  • Volunteers no longer need to backspace over the zero in the hours and minutes fields when logging hours. The value will be highlighted when they move to those fields, so they can easily type in the hours and minutes they worked.

IP Restrictions for Express Timeclock

  • To keep your Express Timeclock secure, you should restrict it to a specific IP address or set of addresses. This is now optional and you will see a warning if you haven’t done this.


Wider Notes Field

  • The Notes field in the Miscellaneous section of a person’s profile is now wider and will handle more text before the contents start scrolling.