Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.29

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Express Timeclock

  • You can enable the Express Timeclock option to provide volunteers with a quick and easy way to connect to your timeclock without them having to enter their username and password.
  • A QR code can be generated by volunteers or administrators and, when this code is presented to the webcam on your computer or your tablet camera, volunteers are connected immediately and can select the applicable Activity to sign in.
  • If you don’t want to use QR codes, the Express Timeclock enables volunteers to connect by simply entering their username.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • The volunteer dashboard has been enhanced to help you build your relationship with your volunteers and to get you to key information and tasks in fewer clicks. We’ve added action buttons (located under the profile photo) so you can send email / mobile email (if available), send SMS (if enabled), or log notes, right from the dashboard.
  • You’ll also get immediate insights into your volunteers with:
    • Hours contributed this year along with the lifetime values
    • The year someone first volunteered
    • And their last login date
    • Birthday and anniversary alerts will show if your volunteer’s birthday or anniversary occurred in the last week or in the next four weeks


Strong Password Rules

  • In keeping with ever changing best practices in security and data privacy protocols, all passwords must now be at least 8 characters in length and have at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, and one number.
  • If an existing password is changed, these rules will also apply.  This will ensure even greater security of your information.

List of Recent Communications with Applicants / In Process

Paging Controls

  • Controls to navigate between pages of information have been added to the top of every page where they previously existed only at the bottom of the page.
  • This means easier navigation between pages of information when editing activities, hours, and various other places.

Email Address Field for New People

  • When adding a new person, the “Email Address” field has been moved to the top of the page.
  • Since a check for duplicate email addresses is performed when an email is entered, it enables this check to be done first before entering any further profile details.

Merge Buttons

  • The FN (first name) and LN (last name) merge buttons have been moved to beside the subject line field when sending an email or creating an email template.

Reports Tab

  • The year first volunteered has been added to the summary. A tooltip shows the full date value.