Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.28

Volunteer Dashboard

  • You will now see a “dashboard” page when viewing or editing a volunteer’s profile that lists all phone numbers (where provided), primary email address and next shift along with their lifetime and most recent hours contributions.  Hours contributions by month are shown in a bar chart, and total hours are shown in a pie chart with each segment representing hours logged for a specific activity.
  • Since this is a new administrative feature, you’ll need to edit any existing Limited Admin Roles to include the “Dashboard” feature as part of their role, if appropriate

Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Your volunteers can now enter their Instagram username and LinkedIn profile URL in their profile.  Administrators can click on this to view their Instagram or LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Widget

  • Your Organization’s LinkedIn Widget can now be part of your Social Media feed and made visible to your volunteers and on your public page.

Add Shifts to Multiple Activities

  • You can now add a set of shifts to multiple activities at a time. The shift pattern can be entered manually or a shift template can be used.
  • Other bulk features include updating the Confirmed Assignment Removal and Signup Cutoff options.

Volunteer Anniversary Search

  • New search criteria enables you to find volunteers who joined your organization between two dates by specifying the month and day values along with their years of service.  Dynamic date searching is also available with this search criteria enabling even greater search flexibility.
  • Since this is a new search criteria available to administrators, you’ll need to edit any existing Limited Admin Roles to include the “Search by Volunteer Anniversary” feature as part of their role, if appropriate.

Copy Custom Fields and Qualifications

Custom Home Page Title

  • You can add a custom title to your public home page.  If you don’t enter one, it will default to your organization’s name.

Filters for Assigning and Viewing Volunteer Schedules

  • When assigning a volunteer to a scheduled activity from within their profile, there is an “End Time” set of checkboxes to filter the list of shifts, much like the current “Start Time” checkboxes.
  • When editing an individual’s profile, there is a filter for Category and Activity (in addition to the Start and End Date fields) to filter the list of scheduled activity assignments.

Bulk Display of Feedback Fields on Dashboard

  • In addition to setting the active status of multiple feedback fields, you can choose “Set to Display” or “Set to Not Display” on the dashboard for multiple numeric feedback fields.

Pagination Controls for Manage Activities

  • When managing the list of your activities, the pagination buttons that enable you to move to the next, previous, first, last, and specific page of activities now appear above the list of activities as well.

Firstname and Lastname Buttons in Email Subject

Email Check for New Administrator

  • When creating a new administrator, volunteer Impact will check to see if the email address entered for the profile is already in use elsewhere.

Email History Enhancements

  • In the Email History, when you view an email that has been sent, it will show the sender’s email address as it was at the time of sending.  Also included will be the Filter descriptions to go along with the criteria that was used to send the email.
  • Please note that these fields are only visible for emails sent since the launch of version 4.28.

Image Scaling

  • The display of images and rich content in the volunteer interface (main and mobile) and the public page has been improved with better scaling.

Personal Message Exportable

Printing Volunteer Profiles

  • When printing a volunteer profile (when viewing the profile), only the contents of the open sections will be printed.

Forced Password Update

  • After a data import, administrative change to a password, or a regular password reset, users will be forced to change their password, offering your users even greater security.

Links to Stored Documents

  • From the Manage Document Library page, administrators can select “Generate Link” from the Options icon beside a document. That link can be included in a Rich Text Editor field (e.g. the description of an activity, custom field,) or other places that a volunteer sees when logged in. When a volunteer clicks on that link, they’ll be prompted to log on first (if they have clicked on the link from a non-logged in space such as in an email), then they’ll be able to view the document.

Volunteer Portal Enhancements

  • Volunteers on the standard and mobile interfaces will be able to move between previous and next pages of logged hours, enabling them to see more than just their most recent entries.
  • Mobile users will also have a “Files” menu, enabling them to access the files you have placed in your Document Library.

Tabs in MyVolunteerPage

  • The REPORTS tab will not display if a volunteer does not have any hours to report on.
    • If the volunteer is also a Donor, the REPORTS tab will have the option of reporting on “Hours” and “Donations”.
  • The HOURS tab may be displayed as LOGGING if the volunteer also works with Clients. In that case, there will be options for logging “Hours” and “Connections”.
  • If the volunteer is also a Donor, the OPPORTUNITIES tab will displayed as VOLUNTEER and there will be a separate DONATE tab.