Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.27

Birthday Message

  • You can now set a Birthday Message that will display to users when they log on to myVolunteerPage.com, myVolunteerPage.mobi, or the timeclock on their birthday. The message can contain text, images, links, and/or videos. Placeholders can also be used so that you can display the user’s first and last name in the greeting.

First / Last Name in Email Subject

  • As well as including a placeholder for a recipient’s first and last name within the body of an email, you can now include these placeholders within the subject line of an email.

Bulk Delete Shifts

  • In addition to being able to delete an individual shift while in the Scheduled List or Calendar view, administrators can now select multiple or all shifts for a day and delete them in bulk.

Reports When Viewing a Profile

  • When viewing a user’s profile, there is now a Reports tab that shows all the reports and exports that should be visible for that person.  This will enable administrators to generate these reports for their users, including those that are archived.

Search Criteria in Email History

  • Sending a bulk email now records a description of the search criteria used and shows it when viewing the email history.

Mission Statement Options

Timeclock IP Address List

  • When setting the restricted timeclock IP address list, the basic functionality remains mostly the same but, instead of selecting an item and then clicking the remove button, each item now has an “X” button that can be clicked to remove an IP address from the list. You can also type an IP address and press “Enter” to add it. Previously, this action would save the page.

Activity Category Descriptions on Mobile Devices

  • Mobile users can now click on an “Info” button beside an activity category when in their “Opportunities” page and see the description for that category.

Volunteers Can See Their Date Joined

  • Volunteers can now see the date they joined an organization. This is visible within the “Organizations” menu option under MY PROFILE or on the “Contacts” tab for mobile users.