Volunteer Impact Change Log 4.25

General Interest Visibility

  • Individual General Interests can be made visible on any of the following: “MyImpactPage”, “Public Page”, “Application Form 1”, “Application Form 2”, “Application Form 3”. The “Manage General Interests” page includes a “Displays On” column to show where they are displayed.


  • The “Manage Running Timeclocks” page has a bulk “Stop Clocks” option (in addition to the existing ability to stop an individual clock)
  • The “Assign from Scheduled / Unscheduled lists” has a “Start Clock” option for individual or multiple volunteers

Search Criteria

  • At the organization level, a new search criteria has been added: “Time Clock Status“, enabling you to search for a volunteer who “is on the clock” / “is not on the clock”

Log Hours

  • A checkbox to “Keep Feedback Fields Populated” exists when logging hours individually by a volunteer in MyVolunteerPage.com (in addition to the same functionality available to an administrator when logging hours individually in a volunteer’s profile
  • If logging hours for a date in the future, a pop-up (alert) will display a warning message.  You can proceed with the future date or revert back to the default date (today’s date or blank) for the hours log entry

Assign Volunteers

  • In the “Assign Volunteers” window (for unscheduled and scheduled lists), you can “Communicate With Selected” volunteers (send an email, mobile email or SMS to an individual volunteer). You can send an email or SMS to multiple selected volunteers

Managing Applicant and In Process Volunteers

  • The “Manage Applicants” list of volunteers now contains “Date Joined” and “Date Applied” columns
  • The “Manage In Process” list of volunteers now contains “Date Joined” and “Date Changed” columns


  • There is a color droplist (with selections: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Orange, White) for the icon color of a button.

Flickr Gallery

  • On MyVolunteerPage.com, the public organization page, and the public enterprise page, the Flickr gallery can be shown/hidden and paused/resumed.

Help Pages

  • The icon for the help page is now a “question mark” instead of a “book”

Email a Committee

  • When a volunteer sends an email to a committee, the name of the committee being sent to is included in the “from” field of the email.


  • The “Personal Profile Export” report contains “AdministratorType” and “AdministratorTypeDetails” columns (“Basic Export Columns” section, “Admin Fields” header) to identify the administrator’s role (replacing the “SecurityRoleDetails” checkbox).
  • Some reports have been renamed / re-arranged:
    • “12 Month Trend” is now “Hours Trend”
    • “Numeric Feedback Efficiency” is now “Feedback Efficiency Trend”
    • “Monthly Comparison Chart” is now “Hours and Feedback Trend”

Scheduling Status

  • The “Schedule Summary Export” includes a filter for schedule status and the “SchedulingStatus” column (e.g. “< Min # signed up”) at both organization and enterprise levels

Account Selection Page (Enterprise Accounts only)

  • Standard (or Organization) accounts are now grouped under their Enterprise account and then grouped further by their region (or department). If organizations prefer the old view, click the [Back to Classic] button at the bottom of the page!