Version 4.24

Enhancements for Enterprise and Standard Edition Users

Create new Qualifications and Feedback Fields when editing an Activity

  • To save you time when editing an Activity, you can now add new Qualifications and Feedback Fields on the edit screen, similar to how you’ve been able to do it when you are creating a new Activity.

Warning when deleting a shift

  • To help prevent accidental deletions of assignment data, an extra warning has been added when you are deleting a shift in an activity to let you know how many volunteers signed up for or have been assigned to those shifts.  If you are deleting multiple shifts, you will be warned that you would also be removing those signed up or assigned.  In both cases, the warning must also be acknowledged by checking a box.

Default Section on Enterprise Public Search Page

  • For those of you using the Enterprise version of Volunteer Impact, you can now configure which section of the Public Search Page categories that appear in the left pane will be shown as open by default.  If the initial default enterprise search section you define has no links or if you haven’t selected a section, then the “Organizations” section will be shown as open by default. Choosing a different pane to open by default is done on your Enterprise General Settings screen.

Branded login pages for Organizations in an Enterprise

  • For a login experience that is more in line with an Enterprise users website, we’ve extended our branded login pages to accounts under an Enterprise, even if the account does not have its own branding.

Organization Limited Admin Roles

Choose Bulk Action replaces Change Selected

  • In some places where actions can be taken on multiple selections, the “Change Selected” drop list is now displayed as “Choose Bulk Action”.  This will indicate that “changing something” is not the only feature available to you.

System maintenance warning message

  • A warning will now appear at the bottom of your screen one hour beforehand if there is any upcoming system maintenance, such as an upgrade to a new version.  This will give you time to save what you are doing before the maintenance occurs.  Remember that you can also subscribe to status updates via email by going to

Importing your data

  • The process for getting your data imported has been enhanced to provide you with an Import File Exchange to securely share import files with us and enable us to send you results files securely.  When we enable this for you, you’ll be able to access it via an option in your “Main” menu.

Search enhancements for those using screen readers

  • Searching has been made more accessible for those using screen readers.