Version 4.23

Branded Login Pages, Enhanced Tool Tips, and much more!

Branded Login Pages

  • The “Helpful Links” list on the “Links for Website” page now lists the generic (i.e. non-branded) login pages for and the Timeclock as well as branded links for those pages (if branding has been configured). The branded volunteer login page will have a banner; the timeclock will not.
  • Logging out of those sites will return the volunteer to the branded login page.
  • You can add the URL to your website or provide it to your volunteers and suggest that they save / bookmark it for future use.
  • Additional branding options have been added to enable you to further customize the volunteer portal.

Micro Lessons: Enhanced Tool Tips

  • Tooltips have been enhanced for menu options under Configuration >> Organization Settings.  New tips have been added and also enhanced with images, videos, and explanatory narrations.

Log Hours From a Schedule

  • If the administrator has permission to log hours, it can now be done from the schedule (i.e. list of assignments):
    • Assign >> From Unscheduled List: log hours for one or more activity assignments at a time
    • Assign >> From Scheduled List: log hours for one or more shift assignments at a time
    • In a volunteer’s profile (“Schedule” tab): log hours for one activity or shift assignment at a time
  • For unscheduled or seasonal activities, the date and number of hours will need to be entered manually, although the date field is pre-populated with today’s date.
  • For scheduled activities, the date and number of hours are pre-populated automatically based on the date and times for the shift.
  • Using any of these methods, if there are any Feedback Fields to record for the Activity, they will also be shown when logging the hours.

Quick Peek at the Number of Results of a Pinned Search

  • In addition to the menu item to check the number of results retrieved by a pinned search, administrators can now also click on an icon to the right of a pinned search to view the number of results.

Menu Options to Add a New Person

  • To add a new profile, go to the People menu. Then, under the desired menu option corresponding to the desired module and select “Add a Volunteer” (or Client, Member, Donor).

Feedback Field Management

  • The Manage Feedback Fields screen now contains a column in the listing to show whether or not the Feedback Field is displayed on the dashboard.  A tooltip will show that information in more detail.

Shortcut to Update Your Email Signature

  • In the body of an email (if you haven’t typed a message yet), you can easily update your email signature. Just go to File >> Update Signature (in the Rich Text Editor) and edit your signature information. The email signature associated with your profile is now updated for this and future emails.
  • This is available on any administrator interface where you would send an email.

Stronger Rules for Passwords

  • When an administrator changes their password, the password of another administrator, or creates a new administrative profile, they are now required to have a password with at least 8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

Open a New Tab in Your Browser

  • Administrators can now go to the Main menu and select the Open New Tab option. This will open a new tab (in your current browser) that is (initially) a duplicate of the tab you were in. From there, you can then navigate to another menu option within your administrative session, enabling you to work within multiple menu options in the same browser.
  • Exclusions: You cannot log on to a different username or switch to a different account (if you have access to multiple organizations). Also, you cannot switch to the Volunteer View as that would also end your administrative session.

Enhancements to the Volunteer Portal

  • The “Goals” page is now available in the volunteer mobile interface.
  • A timeout warning now applies to the volunteer interface. This includes,, and the application process.

Show Organization's Public Page Text on Enterprise Public Page Search Results

  • You can choose to have your organization’s public page text appear on the enterprise search results page when an applicant clicks on a link to information (general interests, publicly-visible activities) in that organization.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Requirement

  • By default, most new browsers will have