Version 4.21

Dynamic Date Searches & Other Improvements!

Dynamic Date Search

  • Instead of searching by exact date values (e.g. “Show me all volunteers who logged hours between 1 August 2017 to 30 August 2017”), you can make your date search dynamic, so it can be saved and run on a regular basis using relative time frames instead of specific dates (e.g. “Show me all volunteers who logged hours last month“).
  • Some examples include:
    • Email all accepted volunteers that are on the schedule next week
    • Create a list of non-archived volunteers that didn’t log hours last month
    • Create a list of volunteers whose training certification qualification will expire in the next six months

Better Impact Buddies Enhancements

  • A Date Joined field is now part of a Buddy profile.  This will also enable administrators who are looking for a Better Impact Buddy to search by years of service.
  • New Limited Administrator permissions have been added to control access to the Better Impact Buddies menu options.

Pinned Searches Enhancements

  • A “View” option has been added on the home page and the results page to show you the details of the pinned search (i.e. name, filters, criteria).
  • Saved searches in the “Create Phone List” menu can now be pinned.

Enhanced Options For Using Search Criteria

  • The search criteria selection box is now re-arranged based on what modules the administrator has selected for the search.  The relevant options are placed above a line in the drop down list with the other criteria listed below.
  • The selection box now enables administrators to select the criteria they wish to use by typing a few letters of the criteria (rather than scrolling to it in the list).

Change Group Size For an Assignment

  • Whether in the Schedule tab of a volunteer’s profile or in the Assign From menu options (Unscheduled List, Scheduled List), administrators can now update the group size for an assignment instead of having to delete the assignment and re-assign the volunteer.

New Filter When Assigning Volunteers: Application Form

  • In addition to the existing filters for candidates, you can now filter by “Application Form” when assigning multiple volunteers.

Enhanced Schedule Reporting in a Volunteer Profile

  • You can now run a “Schedule Detail Export” and “Signup Detail Export” for an individual volunteer from within the Schedule tab of their profile.

Custom Field Category Description is Now Visible to Volunteers

Add a New File to the Document Library When Sending Emails or Creating Templates

Text Messaging Availability

"Title" Has Been Renamed "Salutation" in Profiles

  • The “Title” field in a profile has been re-labelled “Salutation”. While the same content can be used in the field, the suggestions previously shown in that field have been removed to be more inclusive of the greater variety of options possible.
  • This can be seen when viewing, editing, or creating a new profile, “Salutation” as well as when performing a Personal Profile Export.

Additional Enhancements: Client Module

Additional Enhancements: Enterprise Edition