Version 4.20

Better Impact Buddies, Email Drafts, & Other Improvements!

Better Impact Buddies

  • As an administrator, you can now search across the wide range of Better Impact administrators who have opted to be a resource based on a specific classification (type of organization), number of volunteers, modules, or geographic region.
  • You can also set yourself up to be a Better Impact Buddy for other administrators.
  • This feature is available to all full organizations and enterprises.

Restore a Draft of Your Email Message

  • When composing an email, a draft will be saved locally. If you get logged out or something happens, you can retrieve the draft of your email when you log back on (via the “File” menu of the Text Editor).

Enhancements to Pinned Searches

  • The ability to pin a search has been extended to the Send Text Message menu option.
  • Additionally, you can now pin a search directly within the “Save Search” option, eliminating the need for a second step.
  • From the Home page, there are options within the Pinned Searches section to sort, show number of results, unpin, and delete the saved search.

New Administrative Notification When Volunteers Confirm Assignments

  • In addition to the existing administrative email notifications, administrators can also choose to receive an email notification when their volunteers confirm activity assignments.
  • This only applies to situations where auto-confirming of assignments has not been enabled.

Internal Notes Field for Activities

  • Within the Basic Info section of an Activity, administrators can now add internal notes (visible only to administrators) about the Activity.
  • This option is available when creating, editing, and viewing an Activity.
  • Using the Bulk Activity Update feature, internal notes can be updated for multiple activities.

Schedule Reports That Don't Show Contact Information

  • Schedule Reports can be run that do not include any volunteer contact information (i.e. telephone numbers, email address).

Easily Create Profiles for Volunteers That Don't Log On

  • When adding a new non-administrative profile, there is a box that can be checked so that you don’t need to enter a username or password for the user. This is particularly useful if the profile is for someone that won’t be logging on.
  • The username will be generated based on their email or first/last name. A random password will also be assigned.

Preview Mobile Application Form

  • In addition to the existing “Interactive Sample Form”, you can now preview what applicants will see if they fill in an application on a mobile device (i.e.

Improvements to Application Process (Birthdate, Email Address)

  • When new volunteers, clients, and mobile volunteers are filling in an application form, the birthdate value cannot be in the current year. If the current year is entered, it will be considered invalid.
  • If an applicant with an existing username and password is applying, the application process currently checks for an existing birthdate (if required) and phone number along with acceptance of organization policies. Now, it will also check to be sure there is a primary email address in the applicant’s profile.

Change the Order of General Interests

  • General Interests can now be dragged and dropped to rearrange their order. This order will be applied to all places where they are listed (i.e. in a profile, on an application form, on an activity list signup page, etc.).

Permit Limited Administrators to View Activities and Not Edit Them

  • The “View Activities” option will give the limited administrator access to the “Manage Activities” page (displayed as “View Activities”) where they can see the list of activities and view their attributes without being able to change them.

Filter List of Custom Fields by Module

Clarification of "Today" Indicator

  • When assigning a volunteer to a scheduled Activity, the wording for the “Today” indicator has been clarified to read “Already scheduled this day” to better explain the meaning of the indicator.

Improvements to Login Page

  • Logins are completely disabled for people who don’t have Javascript enabled or who don’t have the scripts loaded.
  • Logging in to a different account in a tab or window of the same browser will now show a warning message and force you to log in. It is still recommended that, when switching between accounts or logins, you should only use one tab or use two different browsers (e.g. Chrome and Internet Explorer).

Top of Page Navigation

  • A new button will appear to administrators enabling easy navigation to the top of the current page.
  • This button appears in addition to the current Help Files and Chat buttons in the lower right corner of your screen.

Miscellaneous Enhancements for Volunteers

  • When logging their hours, volunteers will be able to choose “save and log another”, thereby making it easier for them to log multiple entries.
  • Activity assignments are now all displayed in one list and not separated by schedule type (unscheduled, seasonal, scheduled). This will make it easier for volunteers to see and manage all of their assignments.

Additional Enhancements - Enterprise Edition

For a list of additional enhancements at the enterprise level, please see the Version 4.20 Change Log for Enterprise Edition.