Version 4.19

Mobile Timeclock, Pinned Searches & Other Improvements!


Pinned Searches

Pinned Searches give you quick access to your workflow steps right from your main page. They are available in the following interfaces:

  • Send Email
  • Send Mobile Email
  • Create Mailing Labels
  • Search (“People” menu)
  • Personal Profile Export

Searches are Pinned in the Manage Saved Searches screen. Once a search is “Pinned”, it becomes available to you on your Home page in the “Pinned Searches” section.

  • Pinned searches are listed alphabetically on your Home page.
  • Click the [Info] button to see how many records the search returns.
  • An icon indicates which operation the search is associated with.
  • The name of the pinned search displayed is also the link to that page and saved search.

Clicking on a Pinned Search not only performs the saved search, but it does so in the screen associated with the process you need to complete.

Default Date For New Volunteer Timelog Entries

  • You can now specify whether you want the date in the volunteer’s hour log entry to default to the current date (if your volunteer’s typically log their hours the day they volunteer, or have blank to save them from removing the current date (if your volunteers typically log their hours after the day they volunteer).

Volunteer Mobile Interface: Start Clock from Home Page

  • If your organization enables volunteers to start a mobile timeclock, and if the volunteer has the required permissions and if all checks are met (i.e. a volunteer has a scheduled assignment today, etc.), a “Start Clock” button will show inside your organization’s section of the Home page.
  • This will take volunteers to a new screen, which has an Activity list, that lists any of Activities for which they could start a clock.
  • Clicking on an Activity brings up a dialog with the applicable Activity description(s) and a “Start Clock” button.
  • Clicking that “Start Clock” button will bring them back to their Home page.

Better Messaging About Subscribing to Email Reminders

New Limited Administrator Settings for “View Volunteers on the Clock”

Quick Search: Results Include the Middle Initial

  • For organizations that may have volunteers with the same first and last names, this will help to differentiate between the volunteers listed in the Quick Search results.

Better Layout of the Administrative Home Page: Message to Volunteers / Clients Sections

  • We’ve also slightly altered the width used for your current message to volunteers so that it matches the width of the news section as volunteers see it. This will make it easier for you to know what this section will look like to volunteers.
  • NOTE: The optimal width for an image there is 600px if you don’t have the scroll bar setting on and 580 if you do.

Copy Activity Shift Template

  • If you need to create a shift template and already have one that is close to what you need, you can copy the existing template rather than starting from scratch.

Added Captcha to Application Form Previews

  • At the organization level, when viewing your “Interactive Sample Form“, you’ll now see that a CAPTCHA process is included when new volunteers create a profile and fill in your application form.

Change in Bulk Send Email / Send Mobile Email / Send Text Message Confirmation

  • Now the software shows a confirmation dialog if more than one person is getting the email, mobile email, or text message (SMS). (Previously, the confirmation dialog would only display if there were more than 50 recipients.)

Change in the Clean Up Shifts Interface

  • The date option in the interface to clean up shifts now defaults to yesterday’s date instead of today’s date.

Improved Visibility of Switch to Mobile Site Message

If volunteers end up on the desktop version of the MyVolunteerPage login while on their smart phone, this will make it more obvious to them that they have a specifically designed mobile interface they could use.

A notice will appear at the top of the page indicating: “It looks like you are on a mobile device. For a better experience on smart phones, go to”

Two New Branding Settings for Link Colors

  • Links in can now be set to two separate custom colors. One is for links the appear in tables such as lists of Activities and the other is for general links not found in tables.