Version 4.18

Configurable Auto-Logout & Other Improvements


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Configure Session Timeout Settings

  • You can now use the recommended session timeout duration of 30 minutes or specify your own duration of anywhere between 10 to 240 minutes (4 hours).
  • You can also choose to have the titlebar flash 2 minutes prior to the timeout to warn you.

New Menu Structure

  • With the growing list of options available in Volunteer Impact, some of the menu options have either moved or been renamed:
    • Add an Administrator (People >> Add an Admin) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Add an Admin
    • Manage Administrators (People >> Manage Administrators) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Manage Administrators
    • Email Templates (Configuration >> Email Templates) can be found here: Communicate >> Email Templates
    • Limited Administrator Roles (Configuration >> Limited Admin Roles) can be found here: People >> Administrators >> Limited Admin Roles
  • The options for Manage Volunteers (and Manage Clients, Manage Members) are still under the People menu, but has been renamed to Volunteers (and Clients, Members)

Include Only Required Contact Fields on Application

  • A new option in your Application Form Settings (“Step One Settings” section) enables you to show only the required contact information fields on the specified application form. Other fields will still be visible to the applicant after they complete the application form and log on to their profile.

Display Custom Help Content to Your Volunteers

  • If you have custom help pages online for your volunteers (e.g. your specific steps in signing up or logging hours), you can now link that information to their existing “Help” button in This would give them the ability to see the generic help pages that are already available and also your custom help.
  • If desired, you can choose to display only one of these help sites or multiple sites.
  • Please note that you’ll need to contact us with the information on the help sites and we can set it up for you.

Scrollbar on Volunteer News

  • If you have a large amount of information in your Current Message to Volunteers (or Clients), you can choose to add a scroll bar to the message so that it takes up less space on your volunteers’ home page.

Update Your Custom Home Page Text From Your Administrative Home Page

  • In addition to entering and updating the Custom Home Page Text displayed on your public page from the General Settings, you can now view, edit and update that text directly from your Volunteer Impact home page.

MyVolunteerPage Mobile Enhancements

  • Applicants can fill in an application for an organization using the mobile interface. This application can now also include your General Interests and General Availability sections.
  • When logging their hours, volunteers can now pick from the list of inactive Activities.

See the Application Form Associated With General Interests and Activities

  • At the organization level, when viewing your General Interests and Activities, you can see the application form associated with them (if you have selected something other than “Default Application Form”).

CAPTCHA Code on the Signup Process

  • When a person fills in an application form to create a new profile, they are now required to enter a CAPTCHA code for authentication and verification. (This is not required if a person is applying to an organization using an existing profile.)

Enterprise Enhancements

For a  comprehensive list of enhancements in the Enterprise Edition of Volunteer Impact, please see the Version 4.18 change log in the Enterprise Edition help pages.

Verified Volunteers Integration

We are pleased to introduce integration with Verified Volunteers, a service that will enable you to support external background checks for your volunteers and use that information in Qualifications within Volunteer Impact.