Version 4.17

Miscellaneous Volunteer Impact Enhancements

New Client Reporting Feature in Client Impact

The Focus of the Release

Changes to Client Impact to enable Volunteers to record feedback on their interactions with Clients without having to create Activities for those Clients.

Client Impact Upgrades

For a  comprehensive list of enhancements in Client Impact please see the Version 4.17 change log in the Client Impact help pages.

MVP Mobile Enhancements

  • Hamburger menu with branding (color choices)
  • Major re-arrangement of Home page
  • Miscellaneous cleanup of the user interface in a few places

Other New Features / Enhancements

  • Shorter session timeout with warning (flashing tab and dialog)
  • Password strength indicators on ALL password setting interfaces
  • Improved “Switch to Volunteer” logic and wording

Enterprise Upgrades

  • New Enterprise setting to allow organizations to see each other’s emails and SMS messages in a person’s history (like the Note Log setting we made last release)