Version 4.16

Miscellaneous Enhancements

The Focus of the Release

While there is no main focus of the release, we hope you’ll like all the new features and updates for you in version 4.16!


For a list of enhancements in Volunteer Impact Enterprise Edition, please see the Version 4.16 change log in the Enterprise Edition help pages.


Generate Links to Activity / Activities With Public Visibility in a Category

  • You can generate two new types of links for your website:
    • Single Category Page: Link to a page showing applicants a list of Activities from a single category that are visible to the general public. Select the category from the drop list.
    • Activity Page: Link to a page showing applicants a single Activity that is visible to the general public. Select the Activity from the drop list.
  • From the Home Page (Activity List) link page, applicants can click on an Activity category heading to be directed to a page showing only the publicly-visible activities in that category.

Direct Applicants to a Specific Application Form When Viewing a General Interest

  • While viewing the details of a specific General Interest on your organization’s Public Opportunities Page, volunteers can be directed to fill in a specific application form rather than the default (i.e. the form associated with the link they are currently viewing).
  • This setting can also be indicated in General Interest Templates created at the enterprise level.

New Steps for Volunteers When Changing Their Password or if They Have Forgotten Their Password

  • Volunteers (logged on to that want to change their existing password must first enter their existing password
  • Volunteers (not logged on to that have forgotten their existing password must enter a CAPTCHA code (i.e. “I’m not a robot”) in order to reset their password.

Giving Limited Administrators the Ability to Manage Administrators

  • New option allows the Limited Access Administrator the to manage the administrator page and archive or remove members of the administrator module who do not have system access.

Sorting on Email / Text Message History Pages

  • Additional filters on the Email History / Text Message History pages enable sorting:

API - Beta Test Program

  • We have launched the beta version of an API designed to make volunteer profile information (contact details, custom fields, qualifications, account membership — if in an Enterprise) accessible for use in other software systems. If your organization would like to be part of the beta test, please email