Updating a Volunteer Profile: Add Group (by Administrator)


If you wish to create group profiles, you must first enable group scheduling for your organization.
  1. Go to: People >> Volunteers >> Add a Volunteer
  2. Fill in the fields in the “Contact Information” section. Mandatory fields are indicated with a flag. Usernames (not case sensitive) must be at least 6 characters long and unique across all Better Impact accounts.  Passwords (case sensitive) must be at least 8 characters in length and contain:
    • at least one uppercase character
    • at least one lowercase character
    • at least one number
  3. For the Volunteer module, select the volunteer’s status
  4. Check the box beside “This profile represents a group and is able to sign up for activities and shifts on MyImpactPage.com”
    • NOTE: By un-checking this box in a group profile, you can turn a group into an individual profile
  5. Enter the name of the group
  6. Click the [Save] button
  7. Continue, by adding other information to the volunteer’s profile

Existing profiles:

If you wish to make an existing profile a group profile, just edit it and go to the “Miscellaneous” section under the “Main” tab. Scroll down to the “Group Settings” section under Volunteer and check the “Group” checkbox.and name the group.