Advice During a Temporary Shutdown of Your Volunteer Program

Delete Shifts From the Schedule For a Period of Time

If you want to delete multiple shifts from the schedule, the best approach is to:

  1. Go to: Assign >> From Scheduled List.
  2. To delete all shifts for a day, check the box beside each shift or check the “Select All Shifts” box below the list of shifts for that day.
  3. Click the [Delete Shifts] button.

If you have a short-term activity that begins during your shutdown period, you may not want to delete all the shifts.  Or, you may have an unscheduled activity that is temporarily suspended.  In those cases, you may wish to change the status of the activity from active to inactive.  You can re-activate an activity at a later date.  (Please note that you can update the status of multiple activities by going to Activities >> Bulk Activity Updates.)

  1. Go to Activities >> Manage Activities
  2. Edit the desired activity
  3. In the “Basic Info” section, uncheck the box “This activity is active”
  4. Click the [Save] button

Let Your Volunteers Know What is Happening

On your home page, update the Current Volunteer News field to let your volunteers know of any changes you are implementing during a shutdown.

  • Go to Main >> Home to edit this field.  It will appear to your volunteers on their home page when they log on to their profile at or the My Impact app.

You can also send an email to your volunteers.

  • Go to Communicate >> Send Email to begin.  Select the desired statuses to include in your message and click the [Search] button.  Compose your message and click [Send Email].

Consider adding a file to your Document Library so that volunteers can download any new information they need to be aware of.

  • Go to Configuration >> Document Library and click the [Add New File] button to begin.  Volunteers will see this document in the Files section in their profile on or the MyImpact app.

Let Other Administrators Know What is Happening

On your home page, update the Message to Administrators in your Organization field to keep your administrators of any changes being implemented during a shutdown.

  • Go to Main >> Home to edit this field.  It will appear to other administrators in the System Message area of the administrative home page.

You can also email administrators.

  • Go to Communicate >> Send Email and select only the active Administrator status.  Click the [Search] button and then compose your email.  Click [Send Email] to send it.

Let Potential Volunteers Know What is Happening

Update your Public Page Message to let potential volunteers know all the latest news regarding any shutdowns or changes in your volunteer program.

  • Go to Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings to edit this field.

Disable New Applications

If you are not accepting new volunteer applications at this time, you can disable your application form(s) and set a message that will be displayed should anyone click on the link to fill in an application.

  • Go to Configuration >> Organization Settings >> Application Form Settings to configure this.