Organization Settings: Branding

Setting your Custom Color

  1. Go to Configuration >> Organization Settings >> Branding
  2. Click on the box for the setting you would like to change.  Colors can be selected from a palette or by entering the specific “HEX code”.
    • You can also click the [Choose the color from your banner] button beside each option to display a window containing your banner image. By clicking on an area in the banner, the corresponding HEX code value will be displayed for that color. Just click [OK] to use the selected color.
    • You can click on the [Info] button beside each section name to learn more about each of the settings.
  3. Preview your changes on the right side of the screen:
    • – settings for the volunteer portal
    • Timeclock – settings for the timeclock
    • Mobile / App – settings for the volunteer portal when accessed from a mobile device (i.e. or the My Impact app
  4. If you click the [Show All] button at the top left, settings you can change on all portals will be displayed in the left side.
  5. Scroll down and click the [Save] button.  Only one theme can be saved, but it can be cleared, enabling you to revert (i.e. the [Clear] button) to the default settings used for


If you clear your branding settings, you cannot retrieve them later.

Branding Options

Branding options can be set for these areas

  • General (background, page, header, menu)
  • Sections (heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, content)
  • Info Box
  • Dialog Headers
  • Buttons (button 1, button 2)
  • Lists (header, items)
  • Links
  • Notice
  • Date Picker (header, body, background, text)
  • Table Headings
  • Reports Graph
  • Other
  • Opportunity Calendar (colors for background, border, and text of activity categories)

Click on the [What is this?] button to learn more about each setting.

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