Glossary of Terms

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Active (status) - Feedback FieldIf associated with an Activity, a value will be requested for the Feedback Field when hours are logged for the associated Activity/Activities
Active volunteerA volunteer is active with your organization, either as an applicant, in the process of being approved, or accepted
ActivityThe volunteer’s job, assignment, task, position, etc.
Activity CategoryActivities with something in common can be grouped together into Activity Categories
Activity Report GroupA group of related Activities gathered from various Impact accounts within an enterprise
Activity Shift TemplateA template containing a schedule of regularly-occurring shifts that can be associated with Activities and used to add further dates to an Activity’s schedule
Administrator (role)A profile with administrative rights can create, modify, and delete any object in Volunteer Impact
Applicant (volunteer status)The prospective volunteer has just signed up and is about to go through your approvals process
ApproveOnce a volunteer moves from applicant to in process, they can have their status changed to approved, as per your organization’s orientation/approvals process
Application FormProspective volunteers sign up to volunteer with you and enter values for Custom Fields and Qualifications that have been added to one of three possible application forms
Application Form SettingsOrganization settings pertaining to the process when a new volunteer signs up, such as whether or not they require approval, a message to be sent to them automatically upon signup, and your volunteer policies which require their acceptance
Archived (volunteer status)A volunteer is no longer part of your organization according to the reason (rejected, dismissed, moved, quit, deceased) given
Assigned (Activity)A volunteer has been assigned to perform an Activity
Assignment RemovalWhether or not volunteers can remove themselves from an assignment for which they have already confirmed
Auto LockAn Activity or shift can be set to lock, preventing volunteers from signing up for it, once a specified maximum number of people have been assigned to it
Automation (Activity)The set of auto lock, auto assign and assignment removal options for an Activity
Available (Activity)The volunteer has expressed an availability for an Activity or specific shift
Backup ListThe volunteer has expressed an interest in an Activity that currently has the maximum number of volunteers assigned
ClassificationsWhen an Activity typically occurs, the area of work involved, who it would be suitable for, the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly time commitment required, community, and how long a volunteer is required
CommitteeA group to which volunteers can be assigned, enabling communication between volunteers, if desired
Confirmed (Activity)The volunteer has confirmed that he/she can perform the Activity on the date/time assigned
Custom FieldData can be entered and stored in text (short, long), number, date, yes/no, drop down, and checkbox fields and files can be uploaded
Custom Field HeaderCustom Fields that have something in common can be grouped and displayed together in a Custom Field Header
Date LoggedWhen logging hours, this is the date that the hours were entered
Date WorkedWhen logging hours, this is the actual date that the Activity was performed or worked
DescriptionExtra textual details entered for a Custom Field, Qualification, Feedback Field, Committee, Email Template, or Activity Shift Template to further describe it
Description - post-assignedThe description of an Activity that people will see only after being assigned to it
Description - pre-assignedThe description of an Activity that people will see before being assigned to it
Disjointed (Activity schedule)An Activity that occurs on an irregular basis
Email Filter (search)When searching for a person, you can filter for those with/without email and/or a mobile number
Email MessageCommunication to people in the organization via email
Email TemplateBoilerplate text for frequently-sent email messages
Enterprise EditionA version of Volunteer Impact typically used by large organizations with multiple departments or divisions spread across multiple Volunteer Impact accounts
Exact Match (Qualification)A Qualifications whose levels (i.e. answers) are not listed in order of importance or significance
ExportGenerate a report to a variety of file formats (Excel, Word, PDF)
Feedback FieldAdditional numeric or text information that can be entered when an Activity is performed
Filter (search filter)When searching for a person, you can create include people based on status, module and whether or not they have email addresses in their profile
General AvailabilityThe generic days and times of day when a volunteer is available
General InterestA list of custom areas of interest
GroupA single profile that is treated as if it was a group of people
Header TextAdditional helpful text that can be added to headings above Custom Fields and Qualifications to assist volunteers in filling in the information requested in
HoursWhen a volunteer completes an Activity, the hours worked can be logged by the volunteer, administrator, or via a Timeclock
HoverMoving your mouse over a button, heading or link (without clicking on it) will often reveal a tooltip or further information on the item
In Process (volunteer status)The prospective volunteer has applied and is currently going through your approvals process
Inactive (volunteer status)A volunteer is not currently active with your organization (short term, long term)
Instance (shift)The specific time(s) an Activity occurs
Links For Your WebsiteA link can be generated to any one of your application forms and placed on your website, enabling people to apply as new volunteers with your organization
Mailing LabelAddress information that is assembled into a selected pre-formatted layout
Maximum (Activity)The maximum number of people that can be assigned to an Activity or shift before it will lock, preventing other volunteers from signing up
Minimum (Activity)The minimum number of people needed for an Activity or shift
Message to VolunteersSpecific organizational information that will display to a volunteer upon logging on to
Mission StatementStatement of the purpose of your organization, detailing your overall goals and direction
Mobile Email MessageCommunication to people in the organization via text message to a mobile device
MyImpactPage.comVolunteers use to sign up for Activities and log hours
Occurrence (shift / template)A single shift or instance of an Activity, indicating the date and time
One Time (Activity schedule)An Activity that occurs once only
OrganizationA single Volunteer Impact account
Phone ListA report listing volunteers, their contact telephone numbers and call time preferences
ProfileInformation about a person (volunteer, administrator) containing contact details, Custom Field and Qualification values, Activity schedule, hours logged and other miscellaneous information
PublicPeople who are not associated with your organization as volunteers or administrators are referred to as the “public”
QualificationA single response (level) can be selected from a list as data for the volunteer’s profile
Qualification LevelThe answers associated with a Qualification
Qualified (Activity)According the Qualification levels in the profile, the volunteer possesses the minimum requirements to perform a specific Activity
Ranked (Qualification)A Qualifications whose levels (i.e. answers) are listed in order of importance or significance
Recurrence (Activity)Settings pertaining to how often an Activity occurs such as once every one/two/three/four weeks
Recurring Pattern (Activity schedule)An Activity that occurs on a regular basis
Saved SearchThe ability to save the search options used for a specific menu item
Scheduled (Activity)An Activity that has specific dates and times associated with it
Scheduling GapThe difference between the number of people confirmed for the assignment and the minimum number of people needed for the assignment (i.e. Minimum Number Needed minus Number Confirmed)
Search CriteriaWhen searching for a person, you can create conditions upon which to retrieve profile information based on contact information, General Interests, availability, Custom Fields, Qualifications, Activity assignments, etc.
Search ResultsThe list of people retrieved by a search
Seasonal (Activity schedule)An Activity that has no time associated with it and is performed on the volunteer’s own time, but only occurs between two dates
Security (Role) Filter (search)When searching for a person, you can filter for volunteers, administrators or all people
Self-SchedulingAn Activity can be set so that all, qualified or no volunteers are assigned to it automatically when they express an availability
Shift (instance)A single occurrence or instance of an Activity, indicating the date and time
Signed Up (Activity)The volunteer has expressed an availability for an Activity or specific shift
Signup Cutoff (Activity)The time interval before an Activity begins when no further volunteers may declare that they are available (i.e. sign up)
Standard EditionA version of Volunteer Impact typically used by small to medium sized organizations, with information in a single account
Status Filter (search)When searching for a person, you can create include people based on whether or not they are active, inactive, or archived (and the various reasons, where applicable)
Status UpdatesSection enabling administrators to approve new volunteers or values entered for Custom Fields / Qualifications / hours, monitor expired and expiring Qualifications, recognition messages listing birthdays and anniversaries of service
TimeclockA facility enabling volunteers to sign in, select the Activity they are going to be working, and have their hours accumulated automatically
Unscheduled / No Schedule (Activity)An Activity that has no date or time associated with it
Visibility (Activity)Options that indicate who can see an Activity include only those signed up / assigned / on the backup list for the Activity, members of the public, and volunteers (either qualified and/or with a specific status)
Volunteer (role)A profile with volunteer rights can edit his/her profile, sign up for Activities and log hours (where permitted) in
Volunteer ImpactAdministrators use Volunteer Impact to manage volunteers, Activities, schedules, and hours
Volunteer PermissionsWhether or not a Custom Field or Qualification is visible to a volunteer and if a value can be entered/updated with or without administrative approval
Volunteer PoliciesA list of policies, guidelines, expectations etc. that can be displayed to potential volunteers when they are signing up with your organization