Email: Administrator Notifications


If notifications have been enabled, they are for all volunteers and all activities.  Notifications cannot be restricted to certain volunteers, activities or application forms.
  1. Start typing the name of the administrator in the Quick Search bar near the top right
  2. Click on the administrators name in the list that appears
  3. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Miscellaneous” section
  4. Click on the “Administrator” tab
  5. Go to the “Communications”
  6. Set the desired Notifications. They are grouped into categories:
    • If you have a PLUS subscription...

      you will be able to select which administrator or administrators receive a notification when volunteers sign up for a shift or decline a shift in the “Notifications” tab of an activity. In this section, you can select the type(s) of notifications you wish to receive, or click on the [?] to remove yourself from notifications from specific activities.
      • Change in Activity availability notifications:
        • when a volunteer signs up for an Activity or shift
        • when a volunteer signs up for multiple shifts at once
        • when a volunteer removes their signup for an Activity of shift
        • when a volunteer removes their signup for multiple shifts
      • Declined shift assignment notifications:
        • when a volunteer declines one or more shifts to which they have been assigned
      • Confirmed shift assignment notifications
        • when a volunteer confirms one or more shift assignments manually (NOTE: this notification does not apply if you have assignments set to be confirmed automatically)
      • Timeclock started notifications
        • when a volunteer starts a timeclock entry
      • Timeclock stopped notifications
        • when a volunteer stops a timeclock entry
      • Volunteer status change notifications:
        • when an existing volunteer resigns from your organization (i.e. sets their profile status to “Archived”)
        • if an archived volunteer (or client) re-applies to your organization
      • New organization member notifications:
        • when there is a new application from a volunteer (or client)
        • when there is a new volunteer (or client) but had a previous association with the organization
        • when an enterprise adds a volunteer to a new organization in their enterprise
      • Completed eLearning module notifications
        • when a volunteer successfully completes an eLearning Module
  7. Click the [Save] button at the bottom of the “Administrator” section