Administrators: Preview the Volunteer Portal

Accessing the Volunteer View


In order to access the Volunteer View (or “User View”), you’ll need to add yourself to that module by editing your administrative profile.
  1. Go to: Main >> Edit My Profile
  2. Click on the “Miscellaneous” section in the “Main” tab of your profile
  3. Scroll to the appropriate module section (e.g. “Volunteer”, “Client”, “Member”) and click on the drop-down list beside “Status”
  4. Select any status (except for “Archived”)
  5. Click the [Add to Module] button

NOTE: It may take a few minutes before the setting takes effect.

Previewing through the Volunteer View

This method easily takes you into the volunteer view and back to the administrator view. The disadvantage is that you need to be included in the volunteer module to make this work. This won’t be an issue if you only have one or two administrators.

To access the volunteer view:

  •  Go to Main >> Switch to Volunteer View.

To return to the administrator view (i.e. Volunteer Impact),

  • Click on “Switch to Administrator View” (between the “Help” and “Logout” buttons)


While you are in the Volunteer View, you will see how everything looks to a volunteer, but the visibility of Activities will depend on your status and Qualifications. Also, if you have hours set to “require approval”, any hours you log while in the view will not require approval since you are technically logged on as an administrator where hours do not require approval.

Previewing as a Fictitious Volunteer

The advantages to this approach are that you do not need to be included in the volunteer module and that you can share the same fictitious volunteer with other administrators so that your report numbers are accurate.  You can also create this volunteer profile exactly how you need it for testing and viewing purposes. We recommend this approach if you have multiple administrators.

To see things as a volunteer would see them, you can simply log into using a different type of browser. We recommend that you use one browser (eg Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) to log in as an administrator and a different type of browser to log in as a volunteer. If you use a new tab or new window in the same type of browser to log in as a volunteer, it will log you out as an administrator (and vice versa).

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