Schools and Universities

We’re helping out in all kinds of educational environments. From annual fundraising to planning special occasions, Volunteer Impact's personnel and event sign up software has the flexibility to handle independent schools, entire school systems, colleges and universities.

Primary, middle, high school, college or university...

… our volunteer sign-up and management software has you covered.

Easy and thorough tracking of volunteers

Criminal background checks, references and anything else you need in your school district can be tracked in Volunteer Impact.

Simplify scheduling

With our school volunteer software, you can schedule volunteers yourself or let them self-schedule within the roles you decide they can fill.

Centralized and/or decentralized operations

For school districts, some data collection and processes can be established to be common across all schools, while others can be tailored to a specific region or even one or two schools.

Logos of some schools that us Volunteer Impact

What your peers say…”

“Volunteer Impact easily keeps track of my volunteer statistics. I really love the simplicity of maneuvering within and having the ability to pull up reports effortlessly in the software.”
Communities in Schools of San Antonio - USA
“The software is such a great product and the customer service is excellent!”
Waynesville RVI School District - USA
“I did extensive research on software options and Volunteer Impact was an easy decision and one I don’t regret. We’ve been told by community members and partners that they wished other school districts had a system like ours!”
Wausau School District - USA

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