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Better Impact and Pista Mágica join forces in Portugal and Brazil

Pista Mágica is a Portuguese nonprofit organization, started in 2008, that holds the unique designation of being the only school dedicated to volunteer engagement. It provides training and education to managers of volunteers, teachers and volunteers alike.

This alliance opens new opportunities for both Pista Mágica and Better Impact.

“The partnership with Better Impact is a unique opportunity to make Volunteer Impact software available to Portuguese nonprofit and governmental organizations, filling a need these organizations remind us of often. To Pista Mágica, this is an opportunity to help us achieve our Mission: Strengthen volunteering as a way to transform the society and the world. It is also a way to allow us to grow and, consequently, to be more impactful.”

– Sónia Fernandes, Director, Pista Mágica

“We are thrilled to be working with Pista Mágica.Through this partnership we will be able to help more nonprofits, ones we could never reach alone, to achieve their missions. Building the software to work in Portuguese is only one piece of the puzzle. Having a partnership with people who understand the local volunteer culture and can support the software users in Portuguese is critical to the successful use of the software. Alliances with organizations that specialize in volunteer engagement, such as Pista Mágica, volunteer management associations and volunteer centers, also contribute significantly to our ability to build and support software that is relevant to leaders of volunteers.”

– Tony Goodrow, CEO, Better Impact