National / Regional Organizations

We’re helping large national and regional organizations across five different countries and across a variety of sectors including social service, hospital, environmental, sporting event, disease prevention & cure, and animal welfare through our volunteer management software. How can this kind of experience help your organization?

Communicate with ease

Use our volunteer CRM software to target your messages to specific sets of volunteers based on their profile information. When desirable, further refine communication based on the region or location with which they are associated.

Reduce the time required to generate reports

One piece of data contributes to the regional report, the branch report and the individual volunteer report.

Centralized and/or decentralized operations

Some data collection and processes can be established to be common across all branches, while others can be tailored to a specific region or even a one or two branches.

Streamline your intake processes

From application to interview to inductions and scheduling, our volunteer CRM software can help you get more done in less time. Applications can be processed centrally or at each branch. Try it out for 30 days with our software free trial.

Some national and regional organizations using Volunteer Impact software.

What your peers say...

“Volunteer Impact has streamlined our volunteer management activities in the best possible way.”
YMCAs of Quebec
“The software is easy to use, it provides consistency among our 300 offices while allowing flexibility to meet local needs, and input is sought to constantly improve the software.”
The Salvation Army, Greater Chicago Area - USA
“Volunteer Impact enables us to communicate with volunteers more effectively and understand at a much detailed level the kind of impact our volunteers have, beyond the usual -though still important - ‘hours given’ measure.”
Blue Cross - UK

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