Volunteers make an unimaginable difference in the palliative care journey for patients/residents and their friends and families. The better the organizational processes behind their efforts and clearer the communications between an organization and their volunteers, in both directions, the greater that difference can be. The genesis of Better Impact was the the result of the personal experience of the company founder and his mother’s journey through hospice care.

Volunteer Impact - Volunteer Management Software

Easily handle a wide range of roles

From admin assistance to providing palliative support to helping out in the emergency ward, our hospice management software’s scheduling features can help make it easier.

Communicate with ease

With our hospice software, you can email all volunteers or filter in a variety of ways such as, “volunteers qualified to do in-home visits, with a current TB test, and not on the schedule this Saturday”.

Mobile friendly volunteer interface

Easy-to-use hospice software for volunteers will allow them to check their schedules, sign up for shifts, start / stop their time clock, report on patient conditions and more.

Fully Integrated with Client Impact

The optional Client Impact module allows you to connect volunteers with clients in ways not possible with other volunteer management software. Learn more here.

What your peers say...

“The level of customization works great for us as a hospice and palliative organization because we can track and report our hours as needed for different grants, Medicare requirements, etc...”
HopeWest - USA
"The best part of the system is that it gives volunteers control over their own information, which saves us time and has given them a greater sense of connection with us. It's great that volunteers can access the site regardless of the device or OS they choose to use - which also simplifies training."
Eastern Palliative Care - Australia
“As soon as we made our decision to use Better Impact my worries were put to one side as our experience was brilliant from start to finish. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner."
Treetops Hospice Care - UK

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Client Impact - Client Management Software

Ease of use

If you are familiar with Volunteer Impact, you already know how easy Client Impact will be to use. If you are not familiar with Volunteer Impact, check it out here.

Create direct associations between volunteers and clients

Do your volunteers work directly with your patients? If so, you can create direct associations between them and volunteers can report on patient conditions after every interaction.

Track whatever you need about your clients

Client Impact gives you access to an unlimited number of custom fields so you can record anything you’d like, from likes and dislikes to family notes to a photograph.

Fully Integrated with Volunteer Impact

If your hospice already uses Volunteer Impact,  you can add and fully integrate the Client Impact module.

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