Version 4.4.0

Text Editor Enhancements

The Focus of the Release

  • Better tools for dealing with tables in the Text Editor
    • With a variety of new tools and shortcuts, you can set table properties (number of pixels for height, border, cell spacing and padding), style, color (border, background) and insert / delete rows and columns more easily
  • Improved Copy/Paste support from Microsoft Word documents
    • You can choose to keep or remove formatting in the pasted content when pasting into the Text Editor

Select All Basic Columns in an Export

  • “Select All” Basic Columns

    • You can now click on “Select All” to include all columns from the Basic section when performing an export

Display More Shifts When Assigning a Volunteer to an Activity

  • Page Size is configurable
    • Where in the “Assign” tab of a volunteer’s profile, after clicking on the link to a scheduled Activity, you can set the page size (25, 50, 100, 250 shifts) in the “Filter Shifts” section in order to show more shifts of the Activity.  The default value is 25.

Hours / Entries Comparison Chart Labels

  • Placement of graph bars and scales

    • Where possible, in graphs that compare hours and number of entries, the graph bars are now on the same side (left or right) as the their scale. This should improve the readability of the charts.

Validation Error Handling

  • Validation error message is crossed out when error is fixed

    • If a validation error is encountered (e.g. invalid value entered in a field), the original error is crossed out in the warning message once the error has been corrected. This will enable you to keep track of what has been fixed and what still needs to be attended to.


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