Version 4.15.4

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Filter by General Availability When Assigning Volunteers

  • Filter by General Availability when assigning volunteers
    • In addition to the existing filters available when assigning multiple volunteers to an activity or shift, you can now filter by a volunteer’s General Availability.

Change the Module of a Stored Document

  • You can now change the module associated with a file in the Document Library, provided that it is not used in any of your Email Templates.
  • If the store document is used by a template, the document will remain “read only”.

Deleting a Stored Document Requires Confirmation if it is Associated with Email Templates

  • If you are attempting to delete a Stored Document that is used in one of your email Email Templates, a confirmation dialog will appear, informing you of how many templates use that document. Deleting the document will remove it from those templates.

Other Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Print buttons have been added to to enable volunteers to print any personal messages displayed to them and messages displayed to volunteers from their organizations / enterprises (i.e. Volunteer News).
  • When printing a profile, the [Hide / Show All Sections] button is now hidden from the printed output.
  • Validation for the Google Analytics ID input has been improved.
  • The “hours worked” value is now shown in hours and minutes format (hh:mm) in a tooltip in the Approve Hours and Edit Hours pages.
  • The Birthday and Anniversary alert windows now show how many days ahead it is looking at (i.e. “Birthdays in the next 10 days”), based on your customized settings.
  • Administrators can now edit their own profiles from the “Manage Administrators” page.

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