Integration with Verified Volunteers


In order to use this feature, you will need to sign up for an account with Verified Volunteers. This will give you the ability to manage volunteer background checks in Volunteer Impact. When you sign up, you will be able to select the various packages you’d like to use and the result types associated with them.

Currently, “Verified Volunteers” is only available in the USA.

Enable Integration with Verified Volunteers

Once you have signed up with Verified Volunteers, we can enable the integration with Volunteer Impact for you.  We’ll need to enter your Verified Volunteers API username and password.

For enterprises, you can let us know whether or not “Organizations Can Manage Verified Volunteers Checks”.

Configure Background Check Alerts

For organizations, go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings
For enterprises, go to: Configuration >> Enterprise Settings >> General Settings

In the “Background Check Alerts” section, select the desired options:

  • Check the box “Only included Accepted Volunteers in the expired / expiring background check lists and alerts.”, if desired
  • Set the “Number of days to look ahead for expiring background checks

Prevent Administrative Access to Background Checks

To restrict access to menu options for background checks, go to People >> Administrators >> Limited Admin Roles to create or edit a Limited Admin Role. You can permit or deny any of these options:

  • “Searching for volunteers by background check (see “Search” section)
  • “Manage Background Checks” and “View Background Checks” (see “User >> Background Checks” section)

Review the Status of Background Checks

To review the status of current background checks, you can:

  • Click on the [Background Checks to Review] button on your Administrative Home Page
  • Go to the menu option: People >> Background Checks >> Review Background Checks

Manage Expired / Expiring Background Checks

To review expiring and expired background checks, you can:

  • Click on either the [Expiring Background Checks] or [Expired Background Checks] button on your Administrative Home Page
  • Go to the menu option: People >> Background Checks >> Expiring Background Checks or People >> Background Checks >> Expired Background Checks

Use Background Checks in Activities and Activity Templates

You can specify that a background check is required for an activity (or activity template) in the “Qualifications” tab of the activity. The option “Background Check Type” will be displayed along with whatever options you have set up with Verified Volunteers.

You can also use the Bulk Activity Updates feature to:

  • Add a Background check requirement to multiple activities
  • Remove the background check requirement from multiple activities

Background Checks In a Volunteer Profile

Important notes on conducting the background check

  • If a Legal First Name is entered, this is used in place of the First Name.
  • Only the Primary Email Address (required) is used for the submission of the background check to Verified Volunteers. (This address is also used to send the invitation from Verified Volunteers to the volunteer.)
  • A valid State is required
  • A valid 5-digit ZipCode is required.
  • The volunteer must be at least 18 years old at the time of submission. This means that there must be a value entered in the Birthday field.

In the “Qualifications” section of the “Main” tab of a volunteer’s profile, scroll to the “Background Checks” section. It will display the list of current checks (there can be multiple) and the option of creating / submitting one by clicking the [Create Background Check] button.

If the administrator has sufficient permission, there will be a [Validate profile for background check] button at the bottom of the “Contact” section of the “Main” tab of the profile.  This will enable you to check that the profile has the information it needs in order to send in a background check.

Search for Volunteers by Background Check

Administrators can search for volunteers by Background Check (at both the organization and enterprise level). The search is by type of background check and the type of match. (The options displayed will depend on what type of background checks you have set up.)

Assign a Volunteer to an Activity / Shift

When assigning a volunteer to an activity or shift, you’ll be able to see why a volunteer is (or is not) qualified for the activity if a background check applies by clicking on the “X” or “checkmark” beside the activity name in the “Assign” tab of the volunteer’s profile.

Report on Background Checks

When running the Personal Profile Export, you can scroll to the “Background Checks” section to export the background check information about your volunteers.

Public Page / Opportunities List

If a background check is required for an Activity, “Background Check Required” will be displayed in the list of qualifications required.

This will be shown to the volunteer in their “Opportunities” tab when they click on an activity. It will also be shown on your public activity page to prospective volunteers.

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