Search for Volunteers - Quick Search Bar & Basic Search

Quick Search Bar

  1. Below the menu bar, click in the Quick Search field, labelled “Type a person’s name to search”.
  2. Type in a few characters of the person’s first or last name. A list of matching people will appear.
  3. Click on the name of the desired person to edit their profile.

From this screen, you can also print the data entered into the profile or switch to “View Mode” by clicking on the appropriate button to the right of the person’s name in the titlebar. Within “View Mode”, you do not have to have all profile sections open (via the [Hide / Show All Sections] button) in order to print the complete profile.


The Quick Search feature will not retrieve the names of profiles that have been archived.

Basic Search

  1. Go to: People >> Search (or any other menu option that uses the search feature)
  2. In the “Module and Status Filters” section, select the desired statuses to include in the search. If you make multiple selections, you can include people that have:
    • Any of the selected modules and any of the selected statuses
    • All of the selected modules and any of the selected statuses
  3. In the “Communications Filters” section, optionally select the desired option. Settings are broken down into three categories. You can make one selection from each category:
    • Email: Don’t Filter (default), Has Email, Has No Email
    • Mobile Email: Don’t Filter (default), Has Mobile Email, Has No Mobile Email
    • Text Messaging [this will only appear if Text Messaging has been enabled]: Don’t Filter (default), Has text messaging enabled, Does not have text messaging enabled
  4. In the “Group Filters” section, optionally select the desired option:Don’t Filter (default), Individuals Only (profiles associated with one person only), Groups Only (profiles that have been defined as representing a group)
  5. Click the [Add Search Criteria] button to add other options to your search (see immediately below) or click the [Search] button to run your search


In the “Search Results” section header, you can click on the [Print] button in the header to print the listing of the results that were retrieved.

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