Limited Access Administrative Role - Add New

What is a Limited Access Administrative Role?

Administrators with full access to all options within Volunteer Impact have the ability to define additional types of administrators that only need to perform certain tasks such as logging hours, assigning volunteers, etc. These are referred to as “Limited Access Administrators“. Any restricted menu options and tabs will not be visible to limited access administrators.

Please note that, within an organization, you cannot restrict an administrator to specific volunteers or Activities.

Options Available

When creating or editing a Limited Administrative Role, the following capabilities (options) are available.  You can expand / collapse each section to view / hide its options by clicking on the section header:


  • Add User
  • Bulk Remove From Module
  • Bulk Archive User
  • Bulk Change Status
  • Edit User (Contact Info, Photo, General Interests, General Availability, Committees, Classifications, Miscellaneous (Add to Module, Change Individual Status))
  • View User (Contact Details, Photo, Custom Fields, Qualifications, General Availability, General Interests, Committees, Classifications, Miscellaneous)
  • Manage Administrators
  • Custom Fields (Approve / Reject and Edit Custom Field Values, Bulk Set / Remove Custom Field Values)
  • Qualifications (Approve / Reject and Edit Qualification Values, Bulk Set / Remove Qualification Values)


  • Contact Info, General Interests, General Availability, Custom Fields, Qualifications, Activity Category / Activity / Activity Shift, Qualified For Activity, Schedule Date, Hours Logged, Feedback Fields, Committees, Volunteer Date Joined, Birthday, Date of Birth, Age, Login Date, Enterprise Classifications, Application Form, Note Log Entries


  • Send Emails and Mobile Emails to Users, Send Text Messages to Users, Update Volunteer Personal Message, Manage Email Contacts, View Email History, View Text Message History, Create Mailing Labels, Create Phone List, Email Templates, Manage Current Message to Volunteers, Manage Current Message to Clients (requires Client Module), Manage Current Message to Administrators, View Note Log Entries, Add Note Log Entries, Bulk Add Note Log Entries


  • View Activities, Manage Activities, Manage Shift Templates, Manage General Interests


  • Custom Fields, Qualifications, Feedback Fields, Committees, Organization Settings, Links for your website, Document Library
  • eLearning Modules: View eLearning Modules, Manage eLearning Modules

Other Settings:

  • Quick Search, View Volunteers on the Clock, Log Hours, Allowed to generate all schedules, Allowed to generate Volunteer reports, Allowed to generate all exports, Allowed to schedule / assign volunteers, Upload / Edit / Delete files in the rich text file manager, Insert images or links to files into the body of an email, Insert images or links to files into rich text areas other than email
  • Better Impact Buddies: Find a Buddy, Update Buddy Profile

Add New

  1. Go to: People >> Administrators >> Limited Admin Roles
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Limited Administrator Role” header (or click the [+ New Limited Admin Role] button).
  3. Enter a role name (required, maximum 200 characters)
  4. Optional: Enter a description (visible only to full administrators
  5. Select the Module(s) to which the role will have access.
  6. Select the Capabilities to which the role will have access. Click on the [?] for more information on each of the options available.
  7. Click the [Save] button

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