Email - History

What's in the Email History?

When viewing the details of an email message that has been sent, you can see:

  • Subject – email subject line
  • Sender – name of the sender (lastname, firstname)
  • Date Created – date the email was sent
  • Priority – priority level (None, Low, Normal, High)
  • Read Receipt – whether or not a read receipt was requested by the sender
  • CC Me – whether or not the sender requested a copy of the email via email
  • Message – body of the email
  • Recipients – number of recipients and their names
  • Attachments – names of attachments to the email, if any
  • Modulesmodule(s) associated with the email (Administrator, Volunteer)

To view full details of the message, select “View” from the [Options] button to the left of the message.

View Emails to One Volunteer

  1. Start to type the volunteer’s name in the Quick Search bar on the right near the top of page.
  2. Click on the volunteer from the list that appears.
  3. Click on the “Communications” tab and then the Email History sub-tab (just under the main tabs).

View All Emails

  1. Go to: Communicate >> Email History
  2. If desired, select/enter filters and click the green [Filter] button
  3. Run your mouse over the option icon to the left of the date the email was sent and click “View” to see the contents of the email and to who was on the recipient list.

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