Assign Volunteers From the Pending Signup List

Pending Signups

  1. Go to: Assign >> From Pending Signup List
  2. Select any of the options to filter the list of signups:
    • Choose which Activity Category and Activity to display
    • Choose which volunteer statuses to display
    • Choose whether to display only volunteers who are qualified for the activities for which they have signed up
    • Choose a sort order (by Activity name,Start date, Signup date, Volunteer name)
    • Choose a page size (25, 50, 100, 250) if you want to display fewer or more signups on the screen
    • Check the box next to “Make these my default filters” and these filters will happen automatically the next time you come to this screen. You can uncheck this box to cancel the filter pre-selection at any time. Click the [Filter Signups] button to refresh the list.
  3. Click the [Options] button to the left of a signup and select the desired choice:
    • Assign – assign the volunteer to the requested Activity/shift
    • Delete – delete the signup
    • View Signup Details – view the attributes and Activity/shift and the volunteer’s relationship (visibility, qualifications) to that Activity.  From this window, you can also Assign the volunteer or delete the volunteer’s signup for the Activity/shift.
    • View Volunteer – view the selected volunteer’s profile
    • Edit – edit the selected volunteer’s profile
    • Send Email – send an email to the volunteer
  4. Optionally, select multiple signups and scroll to the bottom and choose either “Assign Selected Volunteer Signups”, “Delete Selected Signups” or “Send Email” from the “Choose Bulk Action” drop down. If you have a lot of pending signups, you can move between screen pages (first page, last page, previous page, next page, or to a specific page).


You can also click on the [Pending Signups] button on your administrative home page to access this menu option.  To generate a report listing the details of signups, you can go to Reports >> Exports / Excel Reports >> Signup Detail Export.

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