Volunteer Statuses

Statuses Across Individual Accounts

Volunteer Statuses

  1. Go to: Accounts >> Volunteer Statuses
  2. OPTIONAL: Click either [Export data to CSV] or [Export data to Excel] to export the status summary information to a spreadsheet.


The number of volunteers in each status for each organization will be displayed. If you have created Regions, each organization and its corresponding status information will be displayed within their respective region.

Changing a Volunteer's Status in Multiple Organizations

By searching for (i.e. not using the “Quick Search” feature) and editing a volunteer’s profile at the enterprise level, you can change a volunteer’s status in any of the organizations to which they belong.

  1. Go to: People >> Search
  2. Enter the desired search criteria and run your search.
  3. Edit the desired profile.
  4. Open the “Organizations” tab:
    • To add a person to an organization, click the [Options] button to the left of the organization name and select “Add to Organization”
    • To change a person’s status in an organization to which they belong, click the [Options] button to the left of the organization name and “Change Status”



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