Note Log Entries Export

Reports Available

  • Note Log Entries: Volunteer profile Note Log Entries for a desired timeframe, exported to Excel for further data analysis.

Run a Report

  1. Go to: Reports >> Raw Data Reports >> Note Log Entries
  2. Optional: Enter the Date Created (from / to dates), if desired to select note log entries for a specific date range
  3. Check whether or not to include note log entries from Organizations in your enterprise
  4. Optional: Select the desired sort order from the drop list (date created ascending / descending or by last / first name)
  5. Select the desired file format for your export
  6. Click the [Columns to Include] button to select which columns you would like to have in your exported spreadsheet:
  7. Click the [Export Note Log Entries] button

TIP: Saving Your Column Selections

Once you have chosen the appropriate values from the “Columns to Include” section, check the box “Make these my default columns”. When you run this report again at a later date, the selections you have made will be remembered, making it easier to run your specific report.

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