Mailing Labels

Run a Report

  1. Go to: Communicate >> Create Mailing Labels
  2. In the “Organization Filters” section, select the desired organizations to include in the search. If you have created Regions, your organizations will be displayed within their respective region. You can select individual organizations, some/all organizations in a region or all organizations in your enterprise.
  3. Search for the desired profiles (See: Search)
  4. Select the label type desired
  5. If your mailer includes volunteers from other countries, check the “Include Country” checkbox
  6. OPTIONAL: Check “Include Title” to include the value for the person’s Title field (Contact Information) in the label
  7. OPTIONAL: Check “Include Suffix” to include the value for the person’s Suffix field (Contact Information) in the label
  8. Select the sort order from the drop-down list
  9. Select the desired file format:
    • PDF: The contents of the file you produce cannot be edited
    • DOCX, DOC: The contents of the file you produce can be edited in Microsoft Word (e.g. change font, color, formatting, etc.)
  10. Click the [Download Labels] button
  11. Save the downloaded file to your computer or open it and print it.


Be sure to print the resulting output at its “actual size”. Do not use the “fit to page” or other scaling options when printing. Note that this option may be called something different, depending on the browser or printing program being used.

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