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What Is a Link for Website

The best way to get volunteers engaged is to have a link on your website that takes them to an online application form that feeds the data directly into your Volunteer Impact software. This link is unique to your organization and the Links for Website function helps you creates it. Whoever takes care of your website will likely know exactly what to do with this script and can change its appearance if desired. At the organization level, you will also find that there is more than one link that can be generated and each one can serve a different purpose.

At the enterprise level, you can generate a link to your “public search page” which enables prospective volunteers to search through the opportunities (Activities with public visibility and active General Interests) offered by the organizations in your enterprise.

Generate Link to Your Public Search Page

Full URL versus shortened URL:

If you are posting a signup link to your website, you should only use the full URL. While URL shorteners are available, they should only be used if you are sending that link to someone who is about to fill in your application.
  1. Go to: Configuration >> Links for Website
  2. Optional: In the “Link Text” field, enter the text you would like to display on your public search page (default: “Click here to see our volunteer opportunities”)
  3. Click the [Generate Link] button to generate a preview, a long URL that you can add to your website (or a short URL that can be sent to someone), or HTML code


Click on one of the “Share” options at the bottom to share or email this link.

Helpful Links

At the bottom of the Generate Links page, you’ll find a list of some other helpful links:

Branded Login Pages

The “Helpful Links” list at the bottom of the “Links for Website” page lists the Generic URLs (i.e. non-branded login pages) for and the Timeclock. The column to the right contains Branded links for those pages (if branding has been configured for your organization).

  • The branded volunteer login page will have a banner; the timeclock login page will not.
  • Logging out of those sites will return the volunteer to the corresponding branded login page.

You can add the URL to your website or provide it to your volunteers and suggest that they save and/or bookmark it for future use.

Search Label Settings

You can override the default labels that will be used for the various search options on your public search page.

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Enterprise Settings >> General Settings
  2. In the “Search Label Settings” sections, enter the desired changes to the label text

The text for the following labels can be changed:

  • Organizations Label – Your list of accounts will appear under this so use a term that makes sense for your organization. e.g. branch, department, corps
  • Organization Classifications Label – A list of the general focus of each of your accounts.
  • Communities Label – A list of the communities in which your accounts exist. These could be neighbourhoods within a city or regions across the country or anything in bewteen
  • Activity Classification Label – A list of the types of Activities
  • Duration Commitment Classification Label – A list indicating various lengths of time a volunteer would have to commit to the organization if participating in a particular Activity
  • Time Commitment Classification Label – A list indicating how often a volunteer would have to commit to the organization if participating in a particular Activity
  • Suitability Classification Label – A miscellaneous list
  • Schedule Classifications Label – A list indicating what days and time of day an Activity could occur
  • Date Range Label – Where applicable, a reference to when shift for an Activity occur

Using the Public Search Page

When you type text into the search field and click the [Search] button, the following items are checked and a list of matching organizations (along with their Activities with public visibility and active General Interests) are displayed:

  • Activity name and pre-assigned description
  • Activity category name and description
  • Agency name
  • Activity and Organization classifications

You can also search for opportunities by clicking on any of the buttons below the search field. These buttons correspond to the Classifications you have created at the enterprise level and have associated with Activities and General Interests in your organizations.


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