Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Access to Menu Items

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of navigating to the administrative menu items with your mouse, you can use keyboard shortcuts. You’ll see a letter underscored in each of the menu items available. In the top level of menus:

  • Main
  • People
  • Communicate
  • Activities
  • Assign
  • Reports
  • Configuration

To access a menu item by using your keyboard, press and hold down the [Alt] key, then press (and release) the letter associated with top level menu item. Release the [Alt] key. If you need to get to a sub-menu, continue typing the underscored letter that is part of the option.

For example, here are the steps to find a Better Impact Buddy:

  1. Press and hold down the [Alt] key
  2. Press (and release) [M]
  3. Release the [Alt] key
  4. Press (and release0 [I]
  5. Press (and release) [B]


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