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Banner Management - Upload / Delete

What is a Banner?

A banner is a customized graphic image (created by your organization) that displays to volunteers at the top of the screen in MyVolunteerPage.com once they have logged in or when potential volunteers click on a signup link from your website. See below for an example. With the Enterprise Edition you can have any of the three possible scenarios:

  1. one banner across all accounts in your Enterprise
  2. a separate banner for each account
  3. an Enterprise banner and a separate banner for each account

In scenario 3 and in scenario 2 when a volunteer is engaged in more than one of your accounts, the volunteer will see the applicable banners fading from one to the other.

What a volunteer sees:

If you only want your enterprise banner to display on your Public Search Page and not to volunteers when they are logged on to MyVolunteerPage.com, please let us know and we’ll take care of that for you.


Banner example


Banner Specifications

Banners must be:

  • Width: Exactly 1002 pixels
  • Height: Exactly 124 pixels
  • File type: JPG, GIF, PNG
  • File size: No more than 200KB
  • Resolution: No more than 72 DPI


  1. Go to: Configuration >> Enterprise Settings >> Banner Management
  2. In the “Upload a New Banner” section, click the [Browse] button to select an image
  3. Click the [Upload Banner] button. Your banner will be displayed in the “Current Banner” section.
  4. Optional: In the “Update Banner Link” section, enter a website that a volunteer will be taken to if they click on your banner image, then click the [Update Banner Link] button


  1. Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> Banner Management
  2. In the “Current Banner” section, click the [Remove Banner] button

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