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What is a Document Library

Document Library is a file storage area that can be used for a variety of purposes and can contain policies and procedures manuals, consent forms, newsletters, training sheets etc. These documents can be:

  • used as attachments in your email messages
  • specified as an attachment in your Email Templates.
  • visible only to Administrators or available (and highlighted) to Volunteers from the “Files” section on the home page of

For a list of the types of files you can upload, see File Types.

Add New Document

The “Visible to” setting determines who can see the file. If it is “Administrators”, then only administrators will see it. If it is “Others”, then your volunteers will see it when they open up their “Files” section in If you check the “Highlight” box, it will be shown without having to open up their “Files” section.

NOTE: Files cannot be made visible to specific volunteers.

Module” controls which module administrators can use the file.  When you are creating an Email Template, you can only attach files that have a module that matches the module you have selected for the template.

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Document Library
  2. Click the [New Document] button or click the [+] button to the left of the Document list heading
  3. Enter the title for the document (required, maximum 200 characters)
  4. Check who can see the document (“Visible to”):
    • Administrators – only administrators
    • Others – includes volunteers, clients and/or members depending on what modules you have in your subscription
    • Others (Accepted/Active Only) – includes only volunteers, clients and/or members (depending on what modules you have in your subscription) with an Accepted or Active status
  5. Check whether or not the document will be highlighted (displayed) to volunteers on without them having to click the [Files] button
  6. Select the Module(s) to which the document should be associated. These could be Administrator, Volunteer, Client or Member depending on what modules you have in your subscription.
  7. Click the [Select A File] button
  8. Optional: Enter a description (visible only to administrators)
  9. Click the [Save] button


When in a Rich Text field, you should not create a link to a file in the Document Library as this could expose the file to those other than your intended volunteer audience.

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