Your Current Administrator Message

Communicating Information to Your Administrators

What is the Current Message to Administrators?

You can enter information that will be displayed to all enterprise administrators when they log on to Volunteer Impact as an administrator.

The “Current Message to Administrators” field enables you to create a message that will be seen (in the “System Message” area on their Home Page) by all administrators. While this message will be visible to every administrator of the enterprise, but can only be edited by full enterprise administrators.

Add New / Edit

  1. Go to: Main >> Home
  2. In the “System Message” area, click the [Add] button to create a message or the [Edit] button to update your existing message
  3. Enter and format any text, as desired. You can also add images, links to files, and videos.
  4. Click the [Save] button


  1. Go to: Main >> Home
  2. In the “System Message” area, click the [Edit] button and delete the text  for the Current Administrator Message
  3. Click the [Save] button


Once you have cleared the contents of the message, you cannot retrieve it.

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