Community Impact Settings

Classification Headings, Activity Ticker, Opportunity Search Page Text

Activity Ticker Settings

The Activity Ticker is a scrolling list of up to ten randomly selected Activities and Interests (Opportunities) that appears on your opportunities search page (Configuration >> Links for Website).

  • Show Featured – Turns this ticker on and off
  • Include Interests – In addition to showing publicly viewable Activities you can choose whether or not you would like General Interests included. Because General interests are used to advertise opportunities, this is typically selected.
  • Featured Activity Header – You can customize the short header that appears above the ticker.
Activity Ticker

Search Label Settings

You can re-title each of the classification headers used in the your opportunities search page. If you do not have any Activities with a particular classification or classification heading, that classification and classification heading will not show up in your search page.

  • Organizations Label – Your list of agencies will appear under this heading.
  • Organization Classifications Label – A list of the general focus of each of your accounts.
  • Communities Label – A list of the communities in which your agency accounts exist.
  • Activity Classification Label – A list of the types of Activities
  • Duration Commitment Classification Label – A list indicating various lengths of time a volunteer would have to commit to the organization if participating in a particular Activity
  • Time Commitment Classification Label – A list indicating how often a volunteer would have to commit to the organization if participating in a particular Activity
  • Suitability Classification Label – A miscellaneous list
  • Schedule Classifications Label – A list indicating what days and time of day an Activity could occur
  • Date Range Label – Where applicable, a reference to when shift for an Activity occur


  • Link to Search on – Tick this to include a link on the a volunteer’s home page, after they log in, which will bring them back to your search page.
  • Custom Home Page Text – Messages you add here will appear to prospective volunteers on your search page and on each volunteer’s home page after they log in.
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